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Ram Gopal Varma, at one time, was known for real money travel and awesome awakening. Sadly, over time, his films began to decline. However, he continues to make films from time to time. 12 The “O” clock, issued today, is directed by him and is a spectacular event. It starred some talented words but sadly and as expected, the film is a poor show in every way, though it was powerful.

The story of the film: Gauri (Krishna Gautam) lives in Mumbai with his father Rao (Makarand Deshpande), mother (Divya Jagdale), younger brother (Vishesh) and grandmother in a suburb of Mumbai. Rao works as a peon in a government office while Gauri is a college student. One day, he was suddenly attacked by a corpse. Then he started behaving strangely. Her family initially thinks she is depressed because of her ongoing checkups.

However, his behaviour begins to fade day by day. They approach a doctor (Ali Asgar) but he shows no interest. Then they knocked on the doors of the Tantrik (Ashish Vidyarthi). But he becomes violent toward Gauri. Rao and his wife do not accept his behaviour and leave his place. Finally, the depressed Rao opens up his problem to his employer. The latter recommends Dr Debashish (Mithun Chakraborty), a well-known psychiatrist. The city, on the other hand, is rocked by a series of massacres. Inspector Francis Dsouza (Manav Kaul) has been tasked with arresting criminals.

12 O Clock Storyline

12 ‘O’ clock The first scene of the clock is shocking and depressing. But soon, bad direction, camera work and even overwork remove the impact. There are a few really interesting scenes like Gauri who had a demon dealing with Sharma Malume (Sharad Bhutadiya) or how the doctor and her assistant partner were killed. Even after a break, a few scenes capture the attention. But the ending is a complete downer. The solution that comes with the characters in this ghost problem is childhood. The man did not really believe it. One hopes that there will be more to the film but then the final credits begin to emerge.

Speaking of concerts, Krishna Gautam is the best filmmaker. In fact, no one is in the best of both worlds. But in the second episode, he shakes the system especially when he is caught in the wind. Mithun Chakraborty appears in the same scene in the previous episode. After a while, his contribution is empty and it is sad to see such a talented actor being reduced to a caricature. Makarand Deshpande is very happy. Divya Jagdale did a good deed.

In 12 ‘O’ Clock Ashish Vidyarthi leaves a mark despite being present in only two squares. Ali Asgar plays a strange character and is brought down by the script. The last to be seen in a Hindi film was also a horror film, Amavas. Manav Kaul is good in some scenes but he also excels in other areas. Flora Saini (Francis’ wife) has a beautiful screen presence. Sharad Bhutadiya is honoured. The same goes for Dalip Tahil (Commissioner Rakesh Patnaik). Arch Chhabra (Chandu; Gauri’s boyfriend) is right and the effort to make him look like Sudeep was unnecessary. Vishesh and the characters who play Gauri’s grandmother, Dr Debashish’s mother and Doctor’s assistant are nothing.

12 ‘O’ Clock Music and Direction

M Keeravani’s music is loud. Amol Rathod’s cinematography is awesome. There are too many unwanted long and close pictures that distort the effect. Also, there is a way to use a terrorist-style of shooting that the lensman has failed to understand. Seshu K M R audio design and radiography ruined the system. Adding frightening sounds to almost anywhere does not add to the fear. In fact, it makes travel a lot of fun. Also, the film suffers from lip alignment problems. Abhishek Sankhala’s clothes are real. However, making Krishna Gautam wear shorts in the classic RGV style seemed inappropriate. Aejaz Gulab’s action is good. Kamal R’s planning is unwise.

Ram Gopal Varma story had a lot of promise. A few scenes are well thought out and can best be translated with celluloid in the hands of a skilled director. But Ram Gopal Varma’s screen makes a joke about the building in hand. Ram Gopal Varma’s conversations are nothing special.

Ram Gopal Varma’s direction is currently as bad as expected. Many things are absurd. The most important question is – why is the film called 12 “O” Clock? There was no connection between midnight and noon in the film. If the topic were recent speculation, perhaps the builders would have added voice elsewhere that the assassination occurred at 12 PM or 12 AM. Second, the characters die randomly in the film. And third, the end result is a dramatic decline. The way Gauri’s parents and others were able to free Gauri from the clutches was unexpected but tragic. They should have realized that it is not a trivial matter and that a ghost can easily jump into someone else’s body.


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