Antim: The Final Truth

Antim: The Final Truth

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Rajveer Singh is all set to take on Rahuliya in a fight between right and wrong! Who will win this `Antim` fight?









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Antim: The Final Truth: It starts with the voice of Inspector Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan) which explains how many farmers are forced to sell their land at cheap prices to powerful and powerful people. One such farmer is Sakharam Patil (Sachin Khedekar) who loses his job on his farm and sells it to a wealthy businessman. This infuriates Sakharam’s son Rahul (Aayush Sharma) who has joined the Pune gang led by Nanya Bhai (Upendra Limaye).

While making a name for himself Rahul begins to lose people close to him. Because of the cruel beast, he turned to. He then confronted a clever police officer in Rajveer who tried to get rid of him. So, by staying within the ‘wrong’ boundaries of the law. Rajveer plays on the ego of different criminal gangs to quarrel. This strategy, although half-baked, helps him clean up the mess that is spread by corrupt people like Rahul.

Script Analysis

Mahesh Manjrekar edits Pravin Tarde’s OG script with the help of Abhijeet Deshpande, Siddharth Salvi. But fails to lay the same foundation for emotions and drama. Comparisons definitely happen when you use the old ones and that’s what hits Antim like the film the most. The OG story goes as a flashback to the heart-wrenching sequel of an anti-war hero. But Mahesh follows a simple line of line that alleviates loneliness to some degree.

The white shadow of Rahul’s character in Mulshi Pattern is clearly highlighted in the first 10 minutes when his character gives an emotional talk about how much he hates his father’s decisions. And how he asks permission from his friend before moving to another city. There (Mulshhi’s Pattern), Rahul & Vitthal’s (played by Upendra Limaye who plays the role of criminal king Nanya in “Antim” movie) earned extra points. The game with scenes such as the inspector who always tried to put the keys used as a touching moment.

That concludes with the film slapping all the farmers who sell their land for cheap. It focuses on trivial things like a love song between Rahul, Manda and that is why he fails to do something very important. It was first done which aroused the sympathy of the helpless farmers. Here, Mahesh Manjrekar skipped so many good points that could easily have increased the value of the drama.

Star Performance

Let’s face it, we all knew doing what Om Bhutkar did. In the beginning, would require a character of the season to match and this is Aayush Sharma’s second film. So it wasn’t about Aayush doing better than Om, it was always about how good/bad he could be and doing the honourable job of being Rahul. While the storyline does not allow him to grow as a character as Om does. Aayush offers an honest performance with all the pressure. He doesn’t get good conversations like Om, which is one of the few reasons why he fails to check out the ‘crazy’ shadow of Rahul’s character.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is as powerless as a lawless and law-abiding policeman as Upendra Limaye was at first. This still has to be a very extended character to add a ‘Bhai-ness’ to the top, so removing it from the arc already has a pre-built interest. Mahesh Manjrejkar imitates his performance in the Marathi translation and is like a flawless character in it.

Sachin Khedekar replaces Mohan Joshi facing similar text editing problems. Using his ingenuity he compares the drama with Josh but because he is weak compared to the previous one, he does not gain much popularity. Mahima Makwana gets more Manda shows than the first one and is sure to use it to the fullest. While the extension of his track does not add much value to the entire text, his presence is magnetic and should shine from here on out.

Pendra Limaye as Nanya Bhai does not intend to imitate the magic performed by Pravin Tarde, she plays the most important character in her style and is able to achieve the desired effect with brutality but with beauty. Jisshu Sengupta and Nikitin Dheer as leaders of rival gangs are ready without much to explore.

Direction, Music

From the first draft, Mahesh Manjrekar proves why he did not want Antim to be a copy of the Mulshi Pattern. That decision goes in both directions of the film, reinforcing the film’s excellent moments while trying to be a little different from what the fans have already seen. Despite the shortcomings, Mahesh’s approach to the subject keeps Antim in the harbour unable to move but is large enough to keep him from dying.

Ravi Basrur’s backyard (KGF: Chapter 1) maintains a precise balance between the final use and the addition of new pieces. As for the songs, I would be cool and say they are so fun! Bhai Ka’s birthday is near Ararara as Masakali 2.0 is near Masakali. Nothing has changed for Mulshi Pattern’s hit song ‘Abhala’ which was the main reason why the first two episodes hit something high. Jubin Nautiyal’s love song and the song of the thing is absurd.


So, I will not be free to suggest this to anyone in the world where the Mulshi Pattern exists. Even as an independent project, this will stand alone instead of running and roaring like a Marathi counterpart.

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