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Okay, so, before we get into the narrative let me be as transparent as viable. I can’t fully clarify it holding the church & the joy as it is. So, whatever you will read in this article about the Atrangi Re Movie Review, take that as just an element of the film. The movie spins near Rinku (Sarah Ali Khan) who is in attachment with her paranormal boyfriend Sajjad Ali (Akshay Kumar). As a result of the apparent conflict, Rinku’s poisoned family was administered. ‘Jabariya Shaadi’ (forced marriage) by kidnapping a bridegroom named Vishu (Dhanush).

Vishu, a good and obedient doctor, before he got into this example decided to invade his girlfriend’s wedding to form a heroic entry that made them memorable. But, destiny brings Vishu and Rinku together who find yourself falling crazy. This guides to a love angle between Vishu, Rinku and Sajjad (I make it say easy not to annihilate anything. I hope not) and it is far more than any guy can find a woman within the end. (Oops! I was ready to tell the crux without disclosing anything).

Script Analysis

Think of the love triangle, now consider all the combinations-permits you’ll consider and what might happen within the lives of these three people to urge the result, Himanshu Sharma’s story of Atrangi Re’s Himanshu Sharma won’t fit even in one direction. whatever you just predicted. The text highlights PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) supported by the traumatic trauma of a personality within the film. It enters a ‘very complex but simple’ stage of stories like twisting, which may be annoying and unsatisfactory for a couple of because the film progresses, it’ll not allow anyone to go away the cinema with an incomplete view.

The beauty of Sharma’s writing is that it doesn’t depend on such a lot on ‘twisting’ because it always reaches one troubling climax just before it causes you to smile before you allow.

Has it ever dropped? Yes! Where? Jokes! Evaluating by the narrative of how far Rai and Sharma can go, they are no longer there for you. I also find that the story you’ve got to believe must depend upon the sport, but there was a surprising amount of scope.

Highly promising cinematographer Pankaj Kumar (Haider, Tumbbad, and upcoming – Brahmastra) adds his amazing new touch that enhances the look and feels of the film. Rai and Sharma completed the trio of their trusted editor Hemal Kothari, who had the most difficult task in compiling a mixed screen game without too many bumps.

Star Performance

Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan are still soulful, the guts of the action film with AR Rahman’s (one of the below) acts as blood to stay them alive and pumping. Dhanush owns the entire frame he injects with pure confidence altogether the scenes. There is a well-written scene where he speaks in Tamil, with the exception of footnotes but albeit you are doing not know the language, you’ll still find what he is trying to mention which is your Dhanush.

Despite Dhanush’s special presence, it’s Sara Ali Khan’s apparent efforts that strengthen the hope of how best she will get the proper text in hand. Not only did Rinku have the ability to work hard physically, but also the fluctuations in his skilful voice control.

Amidst all the drama and drama, Akshay Kumar, unfortunately, remains the weakest link of the three. Not because his character doesn’t have an equivalent relative depth, it’s just normal things from someone who has set very high standards. Ashish Verma, who plays the role of Dhanush’s friend, is devastated and really upsetting because we’ve seen the type of talent he has for managing the jokes that still have to be used here.

Direction, Music

Aanand L Rai carries a very straightforward path to get to the most complex area of storytelling. He makes sure that he keeps the plot alive for a long time and builds things on the move as he approaches the endpoint. He always tries to maintain a proper balance between humour and funniness but this is always his unique attempt to tell a story.

Rai produces history by finishing the movie with “AR Rahman’s Film song” and thank you because the vocals cover everything. Inspiring by Rahman’s style, the melodies are not just music but fit as an extended talk.


So, Atrangi Re is a different film that is usually not any film,s remake or usual story. Atrangi Re is a film to watch with family or to recommend to all types of people.

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