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Ever since Shakun Batra announced his upcoming film, Gehraiyaan, people have been waiting for the trailer to be released. Well, when you are among them, the wait is over as the trailer arrives!

Acting Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa in the lead roles; the film focuses on a millennial relationship. Padukone and Panday play the role of two sisters whose lives are intertwined as their romantic relationship takes a toll.

Alisha (Padukone) is a fitness coach married to Karan (Karwa). In the trailer, it appears Alisha probes pushed in her marriage as she has to take on a bunch of duties. Tia (Panday) is engaged to her fiancé Zain (Chaturvedi) who is climbing the business ladder; thanks to Tia’s wealthy and privileged family.

When Alisha and Zain meet, sparks fly and they start a relationship while cheating on each other. While their communication brings them happiness, it also causes them to feel guilty about harming their partners. Towards the end of the trailer, Alisha asks, “Have we been abused people?”

Batra film may be an important film as the relationship changes meaning in the present tense. It can also accomplish what Karan Johar once tried to do with Kabi Alvida Naa Kehna; who was devoid of resentment.

At the launch of the trailer, Johar said that if KANK is released today; people will still judge because we are a judging society. However, he pointed out that Batra’s film asks people to step out of their judgment. And understand where the characters came from. He also said that relationships live in a grey area more often than not in black and white; it is time to acknowledge that.

Karan Johar being the producer

During the launch of the visual trailer, producer Karan Johar said Gehraiyaan was exploring the Gen-Z approach to relationships. He also revealed that Padukone was so puzzled by the text that it took him two days to respond to it after reading it.

Batra received commercial praise and criticism from Kapoor & Sons 2016 which focused on dysfunctional families and their interpersonal relationships. Since then, the industry and his fans have been waiting for Batra’s next film; as he has gained a reputation for giving a negative view of relationships.

Star Performance

Panday said he was shocked when he was handed the film. “Shakun was on my bucket list and I was surprised that this movie was arriving at me. It was a great work experience as we spent two months in Goa and participated in the shooting, ”he said.

Chaturvedi said that although he understood the concept and the story, he had a hard time preparing for the role as he did not have a point to refer to. “I was blown away by the text. I understood the world and the vision but did not know how to do it as there was no point I was making. That was part of the fun and it was a wonderful trip. For the past two years, we have been moving back and forth trying to hit the right strings. ”

Padukone, on the other hand, said that working with Gehraiyaan was like working with a friend. “I remember Shakun [Batra] texting me saying I had this film. I was shooting 83 in London. My relationship with him started a long time ago in 2015 when we attended an awards ceremony. We were introduced to each other by our partners and at that point, I knew we would eventually make a film together. But I remember making a lifelong friend. ” He said that he was scornful of the improvement of the youthful actors and that all were very close during the shoot.

Karara, who has previously worked for Ur: The Surgical Strike, said he had a great time working with everyone and working on the film.

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So, this movie will release on 11 Feb on Amazon Prime Video India

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