Love Hostel

Love Hostel

Release Date: 25 February 2022
A series of bloodshed, escapes and deception ensue when Jyothi and Ashu elope together and her family hires a ruthless mercenary to kill the couple. Data source: Wikipedia










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Love Hostel Review: Another shocking avatar of Bobby Deol, read where ZEE5's Haryanvi film missed the mark

Love Hostel
Image Source: ZEE5

‘Love Hostel’ is the name of the building in which couples who run away from their families and get married find shelter under police protection on the orders of the court. The building has been named by a policeman who guards it. OTT Zee5 has once again done a brave thing by presenting a film based on a desi story. Bobby Deol had told about this film when he last spoke to him before the release of Shahrukh Khan’s company Red Chillies Entertainment’s web series ‘Class of 83’. Red Chillies Entertainment has produced this film in collaboration with Manish Mundra’s company Drishyam Films. Both the companies together have previously made the film ‘Kaamyaab’ with Sanjay Mishra. Shahrukh Khan hardly has any interference in making web series or original films of his company, because if it was so, he would at least not have made a film like ‘Love Hostel’. It is true that crimes still happen in the country, the guardians of the law are still defeated by the tricks of the criminals, but it is not the case that someone in the country commits dozens of murders in one area and the police is not able to catch him.

The film ‘Love Hostel’ is the dream of Shankar Raman, who has the skills of cinematographer as well as screenwriting and direction. And, this film is also like a dream. What keeps appearing! and then? The dream is shattered with a shock. Nothing comes to hand. Just by looking at the clock one can understand that for almost 90 minutes the audience has been watching something whose achievement perhaps even its team forgot to achieve. The story is more of horror killing than honor killing. The lovers reach the courts to get married against the wishes of their families. The family members are summoned from the court. And, till the next date, they have to spend the period under police protection in a building where staying is no less than a punishment. The real character of the story is Dagar who has taken up the task of finding and killing such loving couples. The temple is burnt. The beard has grown. Wears spectacles that hang far forward on his nose. He walks around with a dagger tied on his neck and takes accurate aim at the skull with a pistol fitted with a silencer.

Director Shankar Raman’s film ‘Love Hostel’ has already told in its trailer that it will require courage to watch it. There will be a lot of bloodshed. But, to reduce its impact on the audience’s mind or to divert attention from the bloodshed on screen, at two places in the film children tell the murderer that there is blood on his body. And, the murderers are neither concerned about the police, nor about their own people, nor about the people who are their targets. It’s a flat story. There are flashbacks sprinkled in to keep the audience shocked. There are simply no emotions required for such stories. And, that’s because there is no hero in this story. Two prostitutes are bent upon killing each other. There is also an element of homosexuality in between. If these aspects are not there in films or web series these days, then perhaps OTT people do not buy such films and web series.

The only reason to watch the film is Bobby Deol playing the central character in the film. Coming at this age, Junior Deol is getting a chance to do everything due to which the artist within him is able to peek out but this actor peeping from the cage is still yet to get the open sky to fly. It is said that Bobby had initially said no to this film after reading the story, but Bobby did this film in the second attempt. Fans of Bobby or the Deol family will watch this film and see how a great actor has once again got trapped in a weak story. Bobby Deol’s work in the role of Dagar is excellent. His getup helps in enhancing his brutality but his dialogues are not as powerful and effective as is expected from them.

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Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra are love birds. Once they fly away from home, they are not able to gather even straw to make a nest. Just keep fluttering in the air. Both of them did their respective parts of hard work but neither part of each story was successful. The film has been shot in Madhya Pradesh. The fabric of the film is from Haryana. Everyone speaks Haryanvi. This quote sounds good but the makers of the film have been stingy with the supporting cast. Those who have seen Surekha Sikri’s performance in ‘Balika Vadhu’ will miss her a lot while watching this film. Because the grandmother here shows the same arrogance but there is no life in this acting. The film seen through Vivek Shah’s camera runs fast at night and slows down during the day. Also shows a peacock made from graphics in an empty factory. Dogs are strong characters in this story. The twists in the climax of the film are also his part.

The duration of the film might have been fixed at 90 minutes only from the beginning, that is why its video editors Nitin Baid and Shaan Mohammad have retained all the incidents in the film, whose removal would not have made any difference to the story of the film. The background music of Clinton Cerejo does not suit the feel of the film. He should have heard some Raginis. The influence of folk instruments and folk songs of Haryana should also have been brought in it. A lot more of Haryana could have been brought into the film. If the people telling desi stories also have desi thinking then it would be a different matter, otherwise the matter again looks like a fake.

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