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Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Sukumar. Produced by Mythri Movie Makers in association with Muttamsetty Media.

So, it begins with a climax (not really, but that is what the background account tells us) as we read about the Japanese custom for newlyweds to give their wives expensive gifts. One such skill on show was a musical instrument made of Red sandalwood to introduce us to the story of how it was smuggled in from India. Back in India, we have Pushpa (Allu Arjun) who toils as a labourer to bring out Red Sandalwood illegally with the idea of a crazy king. Like our common heroes, Pushpa, too, aspires to be a hero one day.

Following her dream of gifted guts and a sloping shoulder, Pushpa joins the Konda Reddy team (Ajay Ghosh) to prove her worth. He climbs the ladder of fame and success by being the one who attracts the most eye contact with the police. Pushpa tries to reduce the existing kings to reach the king. By the way, you stumble upon the equally mad IPS manager Banwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahadh Faasil) and what happens next is how this chaos of entertainment ends (or starts).

Script Analysis and Story

Sukumar, despite following all the formulas one can show ‘from beggar to crowned king’, has written very good characters to make a difference. From the way Pushpa communicated while striking the goons to the style, he was most proud of, Sukumar added beautiful layers over and over again creating the Pushpa dirty world. The director never wants to see Pushpa as your best, flawless film hero and wants you to try to get him to accept his mistakes.

The ‘sloping shoulder’ feature does amazing things for the character, as we see the sequence of many actions and the choreography of Sekhar Master designed around it just explode. Tiny things like Pushpa undressing her chappal in a song while dancing, and then turning it back on while performing a step is a funny choreographical touch. The operating time of about 180 minutes will pinch him where it is most painful including the most frequent changes between scenes (and songs).

Polish cinematographer Mirosław Kuba Brożek simply enjoys switching cameras through a variety of devices. The slo-mo surfing between the successive leaves does not look delicate and sadly catches a wave of seats from AA fans. A special mention of Shreyas Talpade appears to add another layer of ingenuity through his composition of Hindi to lead.

Movie Review: Direction, Music

Sukumar did most of the work that deserves to be applauded in the writing phase. When he decides to write Pushpa’s character in a very obvious way. This makes the task easier for the ‘Sukumar director’ when it comes to the larger system. He does not do much with the basic structure of the story to keep it the same as we have seen before, but he does do a lot of little things at the inner level to keep it sticky.

Aside from sounding great, DSP is able to add to the excitement of Pushpa’s presence with his metal sets. Too many songs add to drag the film around 3 hours. You won’t be able to listen to Samantha’s song of the thing because she silences all the emotions with her hot presence on stage.


So, overall Pushpa is a great movie for all kinds of movie lovers. Also, if you like this article about Pushpa: The Rise Movie Review please share it. So, do not forget to comment on your view of the movie Pushpa.

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