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Raabta Movie Movie Review: Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a very important young man from Delhi. (Remember the Dharam from Befikre?). He has a rooster, a desperate man who meets Saira (Kriti Sanon) in Budapest and takes her away immediately. This happens when she is in love with someone else and sees Saira in the patisserie. Hew! Doesn’t convey a lot about his nature.

Saira begins to take revenge on Shiv’s stupid traps soon and falls in love with him.

Then, of course, the third wheel enters the story, Zak / Zakir Merchant (Jim Sarbh). An alcoholic who is obsessed with Saira and does not treat her well with contempt. He is too rich to think of ideas like permission and so he kidnaps her to take her to an isolated island.

Soon, Saira begins to think about what her relationship with Shiv looks like over time and decades.

Then there are dreams and prophecies that take us back to the past of these three characters. When a hero falls in love with a brave princess, does their fate betray them? What is the connection between these three and what is expected of the future to be seen?

Script Analysis

Personally, I feel that we are now very much on stage in Bollywood, relying on ‘Punarjanam’ texts unless, of course, something is not really visible in it.

Raabta emerges as a mishmash of a modern love story that suddenly turns into the unpopular version of Game Of Thrones. Although the builders are trying hard to change the entire Magadheera angle of Rajamouli, it is not really good.

All three leading characters seem to be very old. Though Saira undergoes the mournful loss of her parents in a car misfortune, nothing is done about it. Shiv’s character of a female assassin is not acceptable in real life but is not always celebrated on-screen as ‘men of colour’? Top time changes that!

Two strangers, who met in a foreign country and hit the same spot remind us of one of the most popular love films of all time, Before sunrise, sadly love here, is nowhere near.

Best done for a small crowd, who can enjoy the ‘Tu’ exchange between Shiv and Saira and ‘Awww’ during their romantic moments because a mature audience will surely find this in vain.

Star Performance

Sushant Singh Rajput seems overconfident on screen. While his character calls for that kind of cockiness, he seems to be moving forward. There are suggestions for overindulgence in his many scenes. P.S: His six-packs are absolutely amazing!

Kriti Sanon looks good but about imitating the scale really. He fails to make his presence felt between the other two characters.

Jim Sarbh has an amazingly strong appearance but his badly written character does not allow him to do his best. He sings the hymn ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si’ in the middle and that seems unforgettable for a while.

Rajkummar Rao is disillusioned with the role of the more influential. Varun Sharma and Nidhi Subbaiah did a great job as supporting players. Deepika Padukone’s song though unnecessary will appeal to many.

Direction, Music

Raabta being the first director of Dinesh Vijan has been greatly promoted. The film has a track record similar to his previous productions like Cocktail, according to the portrayal of modern relationships. Although Vijan may think of himself as the director of ideas, the transition from the present tense to the new birth is not a trivial matter.

The war scenes are very inspired by Hollywood and I was not impressed with her choice of costumes. It looks like a Roman background with Hindi movie scenes.

I feel that the first part – the love of the second half will fit perfectly as many may prefer foam love over the story of the hero and vice versa.

Fans of Game Of Thrones will not be thrilled with the ‘Dothraki’ inspired ‘Muraki’s’ movie. They never read the difference between copying and inspiration, right?

The background effects work well with the music. A terrific climax looks like a rough patch on the Titanic. In 2 hours and 38 minutes, a grim film with no depth.

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Raabta is a confusing film that never stands a strong balance between its conflicting love stories. The chemistry of Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon is really good for the first time. Music works well in this film. The crushed script leaves you feeling lonely. Also, the past 300 inspired scenes do not make much sense.

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