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The story of Roohi begins with a recording of photographs taken by an American journalist, who is then invited to capture the Bagadpur village tradition – marriage (or as the saying goes, ‘Pakdai Shaadi’ in the film). Bhawra Pandey (Rajkummar Rao) and Kattani Qureshi (Varun Sharma) are professional couples until they are asked to kidnap Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor). Expert Tip: If your dad holds up two photos of you describing how you look to the police, saying, “Kabhi Kabhi yeh Aisi Bhi Dikhti hai,” you definitely need to replace your dad.

The central crux of the story revolves around two very stupid people who kidnap a girl caught in the Mudiya-Pairi (a kind of desi spirit) who hunts the body for eternal life. The problem starts when both Bhawra and Kattani are in love with the same girl… but no, there is a twist. That’s another story about it.

Script Analysis

The story of Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Mehra is an excellent example of how part of the horror and comedy part of it needs to be the point of the horror or horror joke. Because despite having reliable players, the right balance is always lacking. Here, the narrators had to deal with two different types. In choosing to keep certain things and let certain things go, things that are gone are better than the ones that stay. That is, in order to maintain the humorous aspect, the authors limit the ‘horrible’ features to the level we have gone through many times now.

There comes a high moment of rest, which increases dead hopes. It was then that I thought the builders finally changed the bat to score, but it was a double strike. Not all ‘Mondays’ of the story as it is full of novel angles have never been explored in Bollywood. But it all depends on one thing – is it interesting enough? It has a few very good jokes on its sleeves, but unfortunately, it’s about it. Amalendu Chaudhary’s cinematography is very dark. Not to mention that he forgot to mock-clean his lens, but it is unclear. It captures jumpscares well, but other than that, everything is very basic. Huzefa’s Struggle Planning needed more planning.

Star Performance

Rajkummar Rao set up a bench press in Ludo; now you need an extremely clever movie to match that, and Roohi is not. He still continues to play with his way of speaking, and I have the same mixed feelings. The emphasis is a positive and negative aspect to the performance of all three of these tracks. It’s different, but it’s not easy to listen to it again. There were scenes where the sound was confusing and you didn’t understand anything.

Varun Sharma is the MVP here as he is part of all the comedy scenes of the film. There are no good jokes other than Varun, and that means a lot about what he can bring as a player. This serves as a comedy for what Rohit Shetty can bring out to him in Circus.

It is Janhvi Kapoor’s dual-duel as he is also airy, and there is not much he can do like his personal character. She excels at both the horror parts, the artificial art and the Nikita Kapoor ‘seduction’ makeup.

Manav Vij did not give a chance to use his power, rather he wasted on showing a stupid person. Sarita Joshi has proven why she is known as a natural actress in just a few minutes.

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Direction, Music

Last year, during this time (6th March), director Hardik Mehta received many accolades for Kaamyaab. This undoubtedly adds as ‘something different’ to Mehta’s portfolio, but will not hold any potential value. This script was very close to doing something unique, but instead, it fell into its own trap.

The amazing Ketan Sodha background has been one of the best technology ever. It even suggests a scene that is not as scary as it should be. No clicks.

All that is said and done, Roohi has his moments, but very few label this as a whole product. The door you are holding is bright, and some still have to be between bad and good in moderation.

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