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Spider-Man No Way Home Movie reviews: In the world of great Marvel movies and great Marvel movies (and all your other situations), Spider-Man: No Way Home falls under the previous category.

Jon Watts’ Spider-Man film: No Way Home is the third Spider-Man film in Spider-Man’s third franchise. In the last 20 years, this has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s repetitive web-slinger repetition (excluding the other three. MCU films where he entered the supporting role). But unlike the Spider-Men who have come before – with Sam Raimi’s player Tobey Maguire and Marc Webb’s Andrew Garfield-Starrer (but more on those later). I’m still not sure if Spider-Man’s Tom Holland stands for, and what makes him different.

Doctor Strange in the movie

We already know that something strange is happening with the Benedict Cumberbatch wizard. So, our spider’s senses are constantly vibrating as the credits roll over to No Way Home. No longer a Supreme Witch after disappearing for five years, Strange seems bored and indifferent. Enjoying Parker’s urgent suggestion that he performs a dangerous spell to restore Spider-Man’s secret identity. It ended up being a huge mess and invites supervillains and heroes from other genres (AKA five films owned by Sony from 2002-14, before the studio made a deal with Marvel) at MCU.

Perhaps Strange goes through a narcissistic phase in Tony Stark in the Age of Ultron. But to that trusted member, the so-called Avengers are so wise to make such a bad decision it’s almost like a myth. Perhaps Marvel had already conspired to set up a Miracle Doctor. So, in the Multiverse of Madness, the former Supreme Witch is now a corrupt agent fired by his former partners. At least, the Strange character arc looks set to make Tony Stark look like a Countryfile episode.

Three Spider-Men

No Way Home reminded me of those Doctor Who artists, where many Time Lord versions were played by various actors. So, they will come together to face the biggest threat. Although these were not always the best ways to tell stories, the opportunity to see a Doctor’s recurrence. It often raised the issue of goosebumps. This is exactly what happened during the scenes where Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Incarnations of Spider-Man teamed up with Tom Holland to restore order to the MCU and save the coordinators from sudden death.

We can go on about the ways No Way Home gives web-slinger in the previous series the right conclusion. But the simple fact is that it’s fun to see Garfield, and especially Maguire, throw in action again.

Aunt May’s death

For more than a decade we have seen Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin on the big screen, but No Way Home lets us know early on that we saw them as they were just before their consecutive death at Spider-Man. and Spider-Man 2. Not surprisingly, some special effects were clearly used to bring Molina back to her childhood. Whether Dafoe did the same is hard to say – the 66-year-old is so excited that he insists he just made his own in this, with a surprising result. His Green Goblin puts aside his claim to the regular list of film stars for the return of bravura of incredible insanity. Memorizing the film a costume with a traditional Goblin hat is another good touch.

What about the other bad guys? They have never been to Sinister Six, as in comic books, unless you count the look of Tom Hardy’s Venom’s past post-credits. And truth be told, Rhys Ifans ’Lizard and Thomas Haden’s Sandman of the Church took the back seats. As for Jamie Foxx’s Electro, this was a very distinct character from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Peter Parker’s future

It seems unlikely that the studio has ever made new Spider-Man films starring Garfield or Maguire. But the reality is that No Way Home paves the way for any option. Raimi and Webb’s universes are happily brought back to the picture, and there is no reason why some entertainment might not be possible for both. There’s even an option to combine all three Spider-Men with the new web-slinger of the big screen Miles Morales. Though that may take some mysterious writing. There is no reason why Sony has not been able to present one of his Spideys in the film Venom.

Back then in the MCU, Parker of Holland faces an uncertain future. His land has shrunk from the endless expanse of the universe to the smallest settlement on the streets of central New York. After the Strange Spellings, he has no mates, no employment, no visible entrance to Stark technology and slight he can do without landing minors on the back streets of Queens.


A single trace may appear in the central credit forum where Venom is briefly portrayed as being (then exited) on the MCU during a series of events that have brought in other bosses. This would have seemed like a jungle plug-in Sony’s Venom flicks if it weren’t for the final draft of the scene, where we realize that a small amount of the character’s unique symbiote has been left behind.

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