Amber Girls School Review: Amber Girls School series which shows all the aspirations of teenagers

Amber Girls School Review

Amber Girls School Review: Another interesting show for youngsters has been released for free on Amazon Mini TV, so that today’s school boys and girls will be able to relate to it completely and this series is going to be no less than a gift for them. The story of this series is shown happening in Chandigarh during 2008. Today in this article we will know all the information related to this series –

How many episodes are going to be there in Amber Girls School

To watch the full story of this series, you will have to watch all 9 episodes in which a very exciting story is shown in an enthusiastic way which keeps your interest completely tied. You will get to see the story of this series in the form of such a school story in which the objective of the school teenagers is not at all related to studies.

On the contrary, their main aim is to find love, sex and happiness for themselves. In the entire 9 episodes of the series, you will get to see just such content which is the most interesting topic for today’s youth and this series is made for these people, in which the kind of experience of school girls and boys for the first kiss has been shared with all of you and how it is also a task that has to be completed at all costs.

Cast Team of Amber Girls School

For this series, a whole team of very talented artists has been taken together, which includes the names of Celeste Bairagi, Kajol Chug, Shruti Ulfat, Harsh Khurana, Ishika Gagneja, Samaira Jain, Adrija Sinha etc. who are playing the characters of the girls shown in the girls school, apart from that there are some male roles as well, for which some other artists like Ajay Madhok, Harsh Khurana, Vishwas Shroff, Adi Bhardwaj have also been included.

Amber Girls School Ki Kahani

The story of this series starts with a very interesting topic in which mainly a 9th class girl named Ojas from Chandigarh, Punjab and she herself is just 15 years old, this young girl falls in love with a boy named Shaurya and Ojasvi has to face very dilemma situations like choosing between becoming the head girl of her Amber Girls School or her love. Ojasvi has to choose between her love or her dream.

Along with this, the interesting mode comes in the story when some boys from outside come to this girls college for the annual function in the girls college. To know what happens after that, you must watch this show if you want to enjoy the interesting aspects related to the life of school girls and boys along with love passion and madness.

Running time of Amber Girls School episodes

This teenage drama, like other dramas, only shows school time love in which these girls are shown from girls school and their hunger is of a different kind and this topic is also full of a lot of enthusiasm.

It has a total of 9 episodes, if we talk about their running time, then an episode of about 29 – 30 minutes, whose story progresses in a very interesting way.

If we want to review this show in one line, then it would not be wrong to say that Amber Girls School web series is an average show. Which you must watch for an entertaining show.

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