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Atithi in house Review

In this article, we are going to review all the parts of the series “Atithi in house“. The Kokku app often features the same content and in this case, they also come back with the same type of content that may not be liked by everyone but a different love of fans watching this type of content.

Director: Harshvardhan Sanwal
Genres: Drama, Romance
OTT Platform: KOOKU App

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Atithi In House Part 1

This web series of games and romance is highly watched by the audience. The story revolves around two visitors entering the house as PG guests. When they saw the Lady they were attracted to her and began to look at her. They want to spend time with them, and this lady loves them too. The young woman begins to form a physical relationship between the two of them. It is very interesting to watch what will happen next. When he is in love with both of them and how his family will react after knowing this.

The role of the characters in this web series is impressive and they play their role well. Although the content of the web series is similar to their previous web series, fans loved to watch this web series.

Atithi In House Part 2

Firstly, Speaking of this story, the story will continue from the first part. After evicting college students from the house. The family decides that they will now hire well-paid guests with good jobs. In the series, two office boys will get into the story and a beautiful lady will pull them off. The boys also feel drawn to her and the beautiful young woman gets a chance to seduce the boys to fulfill her desires. It will be very interesting to see, will this lady be able to satisfy herself with those guys.

So, Yes, the leading female Mokshita is set to raise her body temperature through her glossy performance. The series is full of many hot and close-knit scenes to entertain viewers.

Atithi In House Part 3

Speaking of which, in this case, viewers will see something new without the character Mokshita and the closeness of the paid guest. The makers have come up with a little twist which means that, at this point, the paying guests will go to the Intimate with Mokshita’s husband as this time the male character will fulfill his wishes by paying the guest, and here we will see bold and interesting scenes. It will connect you to the series. Talking about it will increase your desires and force you to look at it. During this time, viewers will see the entry of two beautiful and beautiful characters that will give you more entertainment.

Atithi In House Part 4

After all the excitement and excitement in the previous show, now, Mokshita is enjoying the upcoming season of the show. At this time with Mokshita everyone fulfills his wish even Mokshita’s father-in-law attracts his paying guest.
While her paying sister is attracted to Moskhita’s husband. They both have fun together. While the only male member of the house fell on the character Mokshita. When the boy goes to the kitchen in the evening and hits Moskhita. They both enter into physical intimacy. While Mokshita was legally holding her husband in the room with one of her paid guests.

Atithi In House Part 5

The story will begin at the beginning of the last series. In a future article, we will see that same-sex attraction. There will be two girls who are usually in a relationship and their family members know the truth. While it will be interesting to know what will happen next. The question is whether their love will go away or whether they will part.


For the viewers who love watching this type of show, it is a great choice. Koku is known as one of the hottest broadcast sites in the world. But according to reports, the OTT platform is losing popularity due to similar competition. Every time a broadcast site comes up with the same types of shows and tries to engage its viewers. Most subscribers also ask in the comments to improve and submit their shows like all online platforms. So, if you like the article please share it with your friends. Also, do not forget to comment on any suggestions.

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