Bad Cop Review: Gulshan Devaiah and Anurag Kashyap’s action won hearts

Bad Cop Review

Bad Cop Review: Gulshan Devaiah is seen rocking the role of twins Karan and Arjun in the new crime thriller web series ‘Bad Cop‘ starting today on Hotstar. Anurag Kashyap has set the screen on fire in his powerful role of the villain Kazbe.

‘Bhaag Arjun’ is a famous line from the 1995 cult classic ‘Karan Arjun’. In the first episode of ‘Bad Cop’, Karan, played by Gulshan Devaiah, says this line to his brother Arjun, also played by Gulshan Devaiah, during the shootout. This scene made me wonder why the dialogue from Karan Arjun is still so loved by the audience, whereas when I heard this dialogue in the crime thriller web series ‘Bad Cop’, it felt very strange. Watching this series, you will get lost in the flashback of the 90s.

This series focuses on why many films and series in India are facing backlash or flopping badly because producers often repeat some old hit formulas. Thinking that things that have worked before can work again. Be it song remixes, action sequences, storylines or dialogues, Bollywood repeats the story of every previous hit film and starts expecting the movie to be a hit in the same way. At the same time, a glimpse of the 90s is also seen in the story of ‘Bad Cop’. It seems that this is a story of police and robbers of the 90s, in which the blast of the 90s and the tadka of 2024 have been added, but according to the characters of this series and today’s time, it is quite disappointing.

‘Bad Cop’ begins with Arjun and his girlfriend setting up a honey trap to rob a man in a hotel room. There are many comedy scenes in between. Arjun tries to escape, but becomes a witness to the murder of a journalist. While trying to save the man, he gets covered in blood and leaves his DNA at the place where the murder took place. The next shot introduces Karan who is a police officer. He is interrogating a local goon when his wife Devika appears and interrupts him. A series of events lead Karan and Arjun into a shootout with Kazbe’s henchmen, due to which both of them get shot and fall into the river. The film then takes a new turn. Arjun somehow takes Karan’s place. He adopts his identity and no one comes to know about his change. The rest of the story will be shown on Arjun. Disney+ Hotstar’s new series ‘Bad Cop’ shows a fun cop and robber story that keeps us glued to the screen. Starring Gulshan Devaiah and Anurag Kashyap, the series features spectacular action sequences and talented actors in strong roles. However, amid all this, there is a truth hidden in the story which is full of cliches. Let us tell you that the review of the crime thriller web series ‘Bad Cop’ is based on the first 6 out of 8 episodes.

‘Bad Cop’ has tried to present the blurred lines between good and evil well. For example, in one moment an elephant’s head is cut off and in the next moment Ganpati Puja is shown. While the story of the show tries to take the audience deeper, every scene is full of suspense, due to which the audience wants to watch this series till the end. The action sequences in the series are well choreographed and pump up the adrenaline. The cinematography is superb, capturing the bustling streets and dense forests of Mumbai. People working in the factories are also seen. The background score adds to the suspense.

However, when it comes to the story, ‘Bad Cop’ is nothing special. Despite the strong performances of Gulshan Devaiah and Anurag Kashyap, the characters have the same old film flavour. Talking about the life of the series character, Karan is not happy with his wife Devika, both are upset with each other. However, the action scenes are very strong which make the series a little special. Let us tell you that the filmmakers failed to add depth to the reality in the story. The twist of the twin brothers, although initially interesting, but the story lost strength due to the reunion.

Gulshan Devaiah has given a commendable performance, which easily brings out the fight between the brothers. This is the second time Gulshan Devaiah is playing a villain on screen, having previously played the role in the 2018 action-comedy ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’. Devaiah does a great job in the scenes where Arjun is trying to blend into Karan’s life. His performance clearly conveys the discomfort of living someone else’s life and handling a dual identity. Saurabh Sachdeva, as CBI inspector Arif Khan, who is investigating the murder of his journalist friend, draws attention with his strong screen presence, though his role is largely limited to yelling at subordinates in frustration. Harleen Sethi, who plays the fiery cop-wife, has given a brilliant performance, but her character is not as well fleshed out as many others. Aishwarya Sushmita, who plays Arjun’s girlfriend and a conman, has got limited screen time and a small role.

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‘Bad Cop’ is based on Bollywood stories. It features twin brothers, a goon who is considered the most dangerous, a law-abiding police inspector and a CBI officer who is determined to solve a murder case. The series seems far from originality. It reuses scenes seen countless times in Bollywood films, which makes the story seem clichéd. Despite this, ‘Bad Cop’ is undoubtedly worth watching. The action sequences are good, the acting is superb, and the dark humor is fun.

‘Bad Cop’ has released its two episodes. If you are looking for a web series full of action sequences, then this series may be right for you. Let us tell you that the first two episodes of ‘Bad Cop’ are now streaming on Disney+Hostar.

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