Boyfriends and girlfriends Web Series Review

Boyfriends and girlfriends Web Series Review

Firstly, today in this blog we are going to review a web series of the Hoichoi OTT platform i.e. Boyfriends and girlfriends Web Series.


  • So, Ujan Chatterjee acting as Bunty.
  • Madhurima Ghosh portraying as Riya.
  • Rwitobroto Mukherjee plays the role of Saumya.
  • Roy Adrija/Addy Roy as Shreya.
  • Ishaa Saha portraying as Amrita.
  • Riddhi Sen acting as Ujaan.

What is this story about?

Soumya and Bunty are three childhood friends who live in different ways. While searching for a rented apartment, Ujaan collides with Amrita and moves in with her. Soumya is engaged to be married to Shreya but fails to become a caring partner for Shreya. At the same time engaging in a “friendly-for-profit” relationship with Riya, Ujaan’s ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Bunty has been hunting for love and has a secret of his own.


Aamra. Bedroom. Mauch Mishti N More. Family album. Mainak Bhaumik has long been interested in urban relationship dramas. And although not a hitch, Boyfriends & Girlfriends are cut from the same outfit as the above-mentioned films. Director Suvankar Paul directs the five-episode series in a realistic way. Where talented new actors seem to stick to the same themes Bhaumik tends to explore in his films. Lack of intimacy, masculinity, and more. In fact, for better writing, this series could have served as a test of Bengali manhood at its highest level and its pressures. But, unfortunately, it has much less ambition than even its trailer suggests. This is really sad.

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Performances are good, but nothing good. Riddhi Sen is confirmed as Ujaan, who continues to try to balance his masculinity with his “weaknesses”. Rwitobroto Mukherjee has been arrested by a low-profile character named Soumya. And in addition to the fact that he has a very complex sexual life. We do not understand much about him. Jan Chatterjee is as good as Bunty. Ishaa Saha lives like Amrita, Adrija Roy portrays Shreya hungry for love without making her a caricature. While Madhurima Ghosh portrays Polyamorous Riya on aplomb.

So, Boyfriends and girlfriends, Web Series is a good web series to watch for this kind of series lover. Watch all episodes on hoichoi.

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