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Byomkesh Bengali Web Series Review

Byomkesh is an exciting presentation of a well-known whodunit. Byomkesh web series Bengali Season 1 presents two mysteries of Byomkesh Bakshi of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. ArthamAnartham and Makorshar Rosh in two episodes. Season 2 has three episodes based on the bestseller, Rakter Daag. And Season 3 is a two-part presentation by Bandyopadhyay’s Shajarur Kanta. Season 4 introduces Agnibaan in two episodes, while Season 5 has two old episodes of Byomkesh. Dushtochakra and Khnuji Khnuji Nari.

Byomkesh Bengali Web Series Review

The Sherlock model to dedicate the season to one or two mysteries has worked wonders in this series. Season 1 has been skillfully used to establish Anirban Bhattacharya as the new face of the timeless sleuth while introducing it to the new Ajit and Satyavati. And with the exception of Ajit’s re-release from Season 4. When Subrat Dutta is replaced by Suprobhat Das, the impersonation is good. Every actor has done complete justice in his role and more. Even the transformation does not take much time to sink. As there is no continuous progression in the appearance and expression of Ajit’s body although the role is played by two characters.

Byomkesh Strong points

What will impress you is the attention to detail. Clothing and cosmetics are divided, houses, furniture, cars, equipment, all used to create Byomkesh time and age to perfection. There is no deviation from any episode, no matter who the director is. The Department of Arts should be applauded for this. Even the DoPs Basudeb Chakraborty, Ayan Sil, and Sudipta Majumder did a great job of creating that aura of mystery using the perfect balance of light and shadows. Music is also interactive and blends well with the visuals.

The only apparent jerk is the sudden change in the title sequence in Season 4. Someone somewhere wanted to unleash the result of showcasing la Dark and many other web series but failed miserably. The beauty of the real sequence is that it blends out seamlessly with the mysterious simplicity of Byomkesh’s mysteries. By looking at people’s feelings and intricate slaughter. It changes according to episodes and content, but it keeps going. But the changed sequence, complete with jazz school, is too modern to be incorporated.


When it comes to games, Anirban once again proves to be a natural one when it comes to getting into the skin of the characters. He plays the master sleuth and elan, never once deviating from the traits the character wants. He also describes Byomkesh Bakshi’s subtle progression from a young and enthusiastic man to a knowledgeable and mature man to perfection. Even Subrat has been able to create the perfect combination of intelligence, knowledge, and ignorance Ajit remains.

Suprobhat takes the garment off equally easily, maintaining the continuity of the perfect grain. Riddhima is a revelation, as he plays a woman who keeps pushing Byomkesh to do better. He is able to withdraw his role by subtlety and the demands of the character of the Sabbath. However, this series does not have much to do with the nitty-gritty of research. As some versions have done in the past. He is a watchful man in the fight against crime. But his involvement with the man of all things is as strong as ever.


In conclusion, I would say the Byomkesh web series Bengali is a great series to watch for all thrill lovers and detective movie lovers. Also, the performance of all the actors will astonish you. So, if you like the review of the Byomkesh web series Bengali share it with your friends and family. See more at Hoichoi.

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