Charamsukh web series Review | Charamsukh Story Honest Review [ULLU]

Charamsukh web series Review

In this article, we are going to review all the parts of the series “Charamsukh”. As viewers know, the Ullu program is very popular for its provocative and colourful content. This means that a lot of colourful content will be available in this series for the entertainment purposes of viewers. Many of you are searching for web information. So your search is over and we are here with all the relevant details. The Charamsukh web series comes with more than 18 different episodes.

Charamsukh Review

Firstly, The web series plot works by a young student named Kartik who is suspected of having an affair with a classmate. And his mother at the same time. This girl has never had sex in her life and she is always a virgin at all times. The boy then tries to seduce her. But it doesn’t work as he has never done this before and thus does not want to try something called sex. But her frustrated mother is attracted to the young man and abuses him.
Next, The girl has got the job and is always seduced to get promotions. And in many scenes, the adult scenes start without any link. And thus this show is only for those who like this type of adult shows you may like. The screenplay is not very good according to me.


In conclusion For the viewers who love watching this type of show, it is a great choice. Ullu is known as one of the hottest broadcast sites in the world. The OTT platform is losing popularity due to similar competition. Every time a broadcast site comes up with the same types of shows and tries to engage its viewers. Most subscribers also ask in the comments to improve and submit their shows like all online platforms. So, if you prefer the article please share it with your buddies. Also, do not forget to comment on any suggestions.

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