Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki Review & Hidden Story of Charmsukh

Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki Review

As viewers know, the Ullu program is very popular for its provocative and colourful content. This means that a lot of colourful content will be available in this series for the entertainment purposes of viewers. Many of you are searching for web information. So your search is over and we are here with all the relevant details.

Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki Casts

Director: SSK
Genres: Drama, Romance
OTT Platform: Ullu App

  • Jinnie Jaaz playing the role of Badi Bahu
  • Muskan Agarwal as playing the role of Choti Bahu
  • Also, Mukesh Kapani as playing the role of Sasur
  • Raghuvendra Pratap Singh as playing the role of Vimal


Aate ki chakki Part 1

So, The story of the series goes with a family with two daughters-in-law. Also, Someone donates a mixture of Atta to the family. The ladies of the house are finding a new way to use the machine and even her father is using the machine in a different way. What new discoveries and how they use this machine instead of grinding flour are exciting things to watch. But one thing we can promise our viewers is that they will see many bold scenes in this series. To know exactly what will happen in the story, just grab a series on the Ullu app.

The concept of this story is fully portrayed in the trailer and the character’s bold movement is fascinating to watch and all those who like to watch this kind of adult scene will love this story. But only recommended for 18+ years, viewers.

Aate ki chakki Part 2

Firstly, In the second half, the eldest daughter-in-law asks her father-in-law to use a milling machine to sell the Atta in the village. As no one has this type of machine in their house and they can use this machine to make money. The father agrees to this and begins to make money with it and opens a threshing floor but also uses it to fulfill his wish. The second bride also wants to use the machine in this way. She tells her daughter-in-law that she too wants to sell the atta and the citizen will decide who she wants to grind the wheat with. At night the older daughter-in-law grabs her little daughter-in-law by the annoying device and the two start using the machine together. But suddenly their father-in-law enters the room and finds his two daughters-in-law annoyingly.


In conclusion, I would say that the second part is not as exciting as the first part. But still, you can watch this if you like this type of show. So, if you like the article please share the link with your friends and others.

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