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Chawl house Review

Welcome, all to this article reviewing another web series Chawl house. Moreover, It is a bold romantic web series and it gains a lot of popularity. As we all know the web show always plays its trumpet card by inserting some of the best faces in the lead role. We all know that all Charamsukh shows are the same but the reason why this whole program appeared as a block is because of the ladies leading. So, let us check out the review.

Director: Jasbir Bijender Bhati
Language: Hindi, English Tamil, and Telugu
Production company and streaming on Ullu

Sneha Paul ( Renu )
Dakshita Kumar ( Ronit )
Meenu Sharma ( Mami )
Eshan Tiwari ( Bhanu )
Jyostna Trivedi ( Snehal )

Chawl house web series Review

Firstly, This time the show will be released in several languages ​​including Hindi, English Tamil, and Telugu. The show is ready to make your Church more fun with its tempting sequence. Yes, it is directed by SSK, however, the main characters of this game are being updated, we will get back to you with the full characters of the upcoming show soon.

So, The show surrounds a small and medium-sized family living in Mumbai in a very small house. Therefore, they should get used to everything, especially when it comes to spending time with their partners. After one of their relatives moved to the city in hopes of finding a better job. But as the bridegroom and the bride arrived, they were drawn to each other. A kind of myth arose in their minds. One day when no one is at home with her boyfriend she goes for an interview. But return home in the hope of getting closer to the bride’s sister. Hold a show to see if he accepts her request or reveals her in front of the family.

So, the series manages to maintain a good screenplay. Also this time the storyline is not very strong and still attracts a lot of viewers. Moreover, The acting of Sneha Paul ( Renu ) was praisable. But one drawback of the series is that it has no twits which disheartens many viewers. Along with all that it is a good series to watch for all 18+ age viewers.


Besides, Ullu manages streaming sites providing such bold content to viewers. It always produces a lot of shows to maintain its high engagement. Now, it also comes up with the latest Charamsukh Chawal House show and is entertaining. So, if you like the article please share it with your friends. Also, do not forget to comment on any suggestions.

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