Commando Web Series Review: ‘Commando’ could not become the ‘Gadar’ of OTT space, weak story faded the effect of action

Commando Web Series Review

Commando Web Series Review: Vidyut Jamwal is synonymous with Commando in Bollywood. The creator of this franchise is Vipul Amritlal Shah who has made the Commando web series. The hero of this series is Virat, played by debutant Prem. Prem has worked hard on action. His punching-kicking impresses. Ada Sharma has also played her part well in the series.

It is currently making waves in theatres. The story of breaking into Pakistan and bringing back his son has been well-used for dialogues, action and the hero’s aggression. Like Gadar, Gadar 2 is an extraction story.

An extraction story has also come on Disney Plus Hotstar in the form of a web series. The name is Commando, which shows the story of a mission to rescue a commando locked in a high-security jail in Pakistan. Despite having all the elements of a successful action series, the web series remained weak and does not leave an impact.

What is the story of the series?

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has created a very dangerous bio weapon, which is a virus. This virus can kill in a few minutes. Now the delivery of this virus is to be sent to Hindustan via Kashmir, so that massive destruction can be caused, that too without any explosion or bloodshed.

Indian spy Commando Kshitij (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) present in the lab sends the information of this plan to RAW, on the basis of which Commando Virat (Prem) destroys this consignment on the way. Colonel Jafar (Amit Sial), the mastermind of this bio weapon, suspects that there is an Indian spy among them. Kshitij is caught.

But, before this, Kshitij hides the file that leads to the virus in a pen drive and puts it in the pocket of another lab worker. When Colonel Jafar finds out that his mission will not be completed without the pen drive, he gets Kshitij tortured fiercely. Kshitij does not give up. Also, he plans to tarnish India’s image at the international level by declaring the captured spy as an Indian terrorist.

After the diplomatic channel is closed, Commando Virat convinces the RAW Chief (Tigmanshu Dhulia) for a covert operation in Pakistan, so that Kshitij can be taken out of Pakistan’s most secure Sahiwal jail. How will Virat accomplish this difficult mission? This is the main plot of the story of the series.

How is the screenplay, acting and dialogue?

The Commando web series, spread over four episodes of about half an hour, moves forward by capitalizing on every possibility of action, due to which it does not bore, but due to the weak writing level, it also does not leave an impact.

The biggest minus point is the story, which has no novelty. There are many discrepancies in what has been shown. At one or two places, an attempt has been made to create tempo only through dialogues.

Under the PNDT Act in the country, there is a ban on revealing the identity of the fetus, but it is irritating when Kshitij’s wife addresses the upcoming child as a daughter. However, this mistake has been corrected in the next few lines and instead of daughter, child has been referred to.

The hero of the series, Virat, enters the Pakistani jail with the help of fake identity and documents of the security staff. He also takes an injection in his tiffin, which is to be given to the badly injured Kshitij, so that he gets strength. This scene looks ridiculous.

On one hand, Sahiwal jail is shown as one of the most difficult and secure jails in the world, from where no prisoner has been able to escape till date. On the other hand, the hero comfortably takes the injection in his lunch box and is not caught.

What kind of tight security is there in the jail that even the belongings of the new staff are not searched. Even if the search was done, why could the injection not be caught in the lunch box. RAW’s asset in Pakistan, Abbas (Mukesh Chhabra) is helping Virat in this mission along with two other local colleagues.

Abbas was earlier working with Kshitij. In the scenes of Kshitij’s extraction, it is shown that a Pakistani soldier is lying unconscious in Abbas’s van, but his hands and legs are not tied.

When he regains consciousness, the Pakistani soldier also attacks Abbas. In such an important mission, where there is a danger to life at every step, how can such a big negligence happen. Such flaws are very bad in this cross border spy story and make the entire narration weak.

This shows the weakness of the directorial side along with the writing. The real thrill of the entire series is the last episode, in which a twist in the climax surprises. This will increase the thrill of the story of the next season. It is related to Virat’s personal life.

Though the name Commando is synonymous with action hero Vidyut Jamwal in Indian cinema, but in this web series of film series producer-director Vipul Amritlal Shah, the ‘Commando’ is Prem Parijaya, who has started his acting innings with this action series.

Prem has impressed with his agility in the action scenes of Commando Virat. He has also been successful in changing the expressions on his face according to the action. The choreography of the action sequences is good, but the laxity of the junior artists is clearly visible, due to which the reaction is delayed.

Also there is Ada Sharma, who has played the role of a senior inspector named Bhavana Reddy in two films of the Commando franchise, ‘Commando 2’ and ‘Commando 3’. Ada has returned with the same character in the Commando web series. In her introductory scene, she says in Hyderabadi accent, every time the responsibility of saving the commando is given to me.

Ada Sharma, who is in news due to the tremendous success of The Kerala Sharma, has given full support to the male actors in action. The use of the room’s props in her action scene with Sahiwal jail’s jailor Fahim is interesting.

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Amit Sial is a good actor, but he does not leave an impact in the role of ISI officer Colonel Jafar. This character has the agony of defeat and humiliation in the Kargil war, which is the biggest reason for his hatred for India. That agony is visible in Amit’s acting, but the cunningness of the ISI officer is not visible. The same is the case with Tigmanshu Dhulia, who plays the RAW chief.

Talking about the technical aspect of the series, the decoration department has shown hard work in creating the scenes of RAW office, Pakistani lab, Sahiwal’s streets and jail. The attempt to create an atmosphere in accordance with the story has been almost successful. The background score is decent.

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