Do Aur Do Pyaar Review: Are you really happy in your marriage? Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi

Do Aur Do Pyaar Review

Do Aur Do Pyaar Review: Though society may not look favourably upon relationships that seek love outside marriage, but there is no dearth of such relationships in our society. And this is the reason why Bollywood has weaved stories on these complicated relationships many times. There are many examples like ‘Arth’, ‘Silsila’, ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’, ‘Life in a Metro’ and ‘Gahraiyan’. Director Shirsha Guha Thakurta’s ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’ also takes this series forward, but her story proves to be different from other films because she treats a very serious issue in a fun and light-hearted manner. The icing on the cake is the brilliant acting of Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi.

Story of ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’

The story is of dentist Kavya (Vidya Balan) and businessman Anirudh (Pratik Gandhi). This couple has been married for the last 12 years. Aniruddha eloped with Kavya and married her against the wishes of her family, and for a few years after marriage, their married life was very enjoyable. But after Aniruddha’s father’s death, as soon as he took on the responsibility of his father’s business and family, not only his life but his marriage too lost its charm. Both are indifferent, bored of each other. Now even though Kavya and Aniruddha sleep on the same bed under the same roof, there is no connection between them. This is the reason why both of them look for love outside the house, apart from marriage. Vidya is in a relationship with photographer Vikram (Senthil Ramamurthy), while Aniruddha is in love with Rosie aka Nora (Ileana D’Cruz), who is struggling to become an actress.

Kavya and Aniruddha are in a dilemma as to how to end their marriage by telling each other about their relationship. But then there is a twist in the story. Kavya’s beloved grandfather passes away. She has to come to her maternal home in Ooty. Aniruddha also comes with her and there once again the playful and beautiful loving memories of their past bring them closer. But both are still in an extra marital affair. Now to know whether Kavya and Aniruddha will choose their partners or maintain their marriage, you will have to watch the film.

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Review of ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’

Many married couples will be able to relate to this film of director Shirsha Guha Thakurta based on the French film ‘The Lovers’ that after many years of marriage when the charm of the relationship ends, the warmth is gone, sex is missing, then what is the situation in the house. The director treats the story subtly without any speech or drama. The first half of the film is quite entertaining. Especially the scenes with Vidya’s family in her maternal home in Ooty, where Vidya and Prateek have come after 12 years for their grandfather’s funeral, but even in that moment of grief, the cultural difference and the situation of not being able to accept the son-in-law creates comedy. But in the second half, the story seems a bit stretched. Shirsha has beautifully woven the complexity and intimacy of the father-daughter track, but on the other hand she has neglected the backstory of Vikram and Nora, how these people fell in love with Kavya and Anirudh. In the pre-climax, Shirsha is in a hurry to give the final verdict of the relationship. You start wondering whether it is so easy to get out of a relationship?

Watch Trailer

Talking about music, ‘Lost Stories’, ‘The Local Train’ (sung by Lucky Ali, Tu Hai Kahan), ‘When Chai Met Toast’, Abhishek Ananya and Sabhajit Mukherjee’s soundtrack are in accordance with the subject. Karthik Vijay’s cinematography is strong. Vidya, who is called the powerhouse of acting, is the real hero of the film. She has done a great job. She makes Kavya attractive with her romanticism, flirtation and intensity. Pratik Gandhi shines once again as Anirudh. His and Vidya’s chemistry is fun on screen. Both of them also make the audience laugh. Ileana D’Cruz has played her role well. She should have got a little more screen space. Senthil looks as handsome as he is emotional in the role of the photographer. The supporting actors, especially the character of the father, add strength to the story.

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