Gobhir Joler Maach 2 Review: This game is more terrible! Where are the ‘deep water fish’?

Gobhir Joler Maach 2 Review

Gobhir Joler Maach 2 review: Sahana Dutt’s new series ‘Gobhir Joler Maach‘ is coming to the OTT platform with the story of four girls’ friendship surrounded by mystery. Trina Saha, Swastika Dutta, Ushsi Roy, Ananya Sen are playing the role of four friends. This series tells the story of rivalry, politics and conflict between four girls under the guise of friendship.

Sahana has experimented with other layers of female characters outside the familiar tableau of the serial. In the poster of the series, the four fish in the aquarium are the symbols of these four heroines. “This series shows that girls are not always victims,” ​​said Sahana. Tanhik Banerjee, Rajdeep Gupta, Soum Banerjee and Yudhajit Sarkar are playing the roles of the four friends’ husbands.

Sandeepta Bhanj: The seemingly ‘perfect lives’ of four childhood friends are thrown into a maze by temptation. How serious can be the consequences of playing secrets in the complex puzzle of relationship?

Director Sahana Dutt once again trapped the story of the terrible game in the familiar plot in the sequel of the series of ‘Ghabir Jala Maash’. But this time there is only one condition of the game – ‘These deep water fish will lie!’

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How do this generation’s housemates handle both the home and the outside world? What difficulties did they have to face while changing grooms in a funny way? Sahana Dutta showed the story of the ups and downs of four women’s lives in a dramatic twist in the first season. This time the story has progressed in the same way. But in the second season of ‘Kahaani Me Twist!’ this time Khiladi is the husband of the four girls. Taking the opportunity of the wife’s trip, everyone made new friends at the ‘PNPC’ cafe.

Whose Kandari is Chandrima’s husband Tirtha. Stepping into his plan, the husbands of the other three girlfriends got involved in complex puzzles one after another. Chandrima’s death in the previous season had sparked curiosity. And Diti’s death happened in the second episode of the second season. Then it all went wrong! Visakha and Aratrika are constantly suspicious of each other. In addition, police nuisance! Who is the killer? For which the blood rose from the nose and mouth, one death after another! The second series has progressed in that search by pulling ‘flash back’.

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