Hoichoi’s New Throwback to Hoichoi Season 5 with new shows

Hoichoi Season 5

Throwback to Hoichoi Season 5:  From pandal hopping during Durga Pujo to Chaitra sale shopping. Coffee latte at a cafe or tea at a local shop. From debates at the Coffee House or the comment thread on Facebook. Bengalis are stirring up a storm everywhere. Celebration with family.

A staycation alone in the hills. From nightclubs and heavy metal. Classical music at Dover Lane. Offbeat films at Nandan or mainstream movies at Navina. Bengalis are engrossed in it all. And this Bengali is. The guy next door or the lady in our neighborhood. All of them have a story. Each one of them is a character.

hoichoi season 5 - Vishnu Mohta
He is a CO-FOUNDER of hoichoi, Storytelling about hoichoi. (Image taken from its original site)

The film of their lives. These are the stories we watch on our laptops and mobile screens. Sometimes as a thriller, sometimes as a comedy. Sometimes with excitement, sometimes with drama. Since 2017, this is how Bengalis have binged on Bangla stories. And hoichoi has been with them, for the last four years. Across the border, we’re telling stories of Bangla, in Bengali.

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