Indian Web series Platforms, History, Popularity and Advantages by Netseries (INDIA)

Indian Web Series

The Web series seems to be taking the place of Television these days. The web series is becoming the heart of the new generation.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar are some of the most popular apps that contain web series or movies. These days people, especially the new generation youth, are completely bored with the daily melodrama of Saas-Bahu serial shows and melodramatic situations. So the TV serial shows seem to be quickly replaced by the online web series which is rapidly gaining popularity in India.

Indian Web series

The web series format has become a new favorite, especially for teens. The introduction of Reliance Jio has given a tremendous impetus to the advent of social and digital media. And with one hand changed the state of video usage in India. Major OTT players such as Netflix India and Amazon Prime have even started producing the first web series considering the Indian audience.

History of Indian Web Series

It all began or was introduced in the year 2014 with ‘Permanent Roommates’ by TVF. This was the first Indian web series and collected a lot of noise among young people with a different kind of love story. It got over 50 million views and is still counting. Audiences are connected to familiar characters set in the real world and appreciate the simplicity and purity of the story. “The status of the web series started with TVF. In terms of ambitions, we always had it, but it finally started with our rom-com (Permanent Stay With Me). ”Said Arunabh Kumar, Founder, and CEO, TVF, told Media India Group.

Why are Web Series so popular?

“About 70 percent of Indians are young, and most of them are online. The Internet has become the norm for the new generation. The youth category seems to be a social media addict. So the web series is easy to operate and is gaining popularity among Indians.

The Web series offers something that T.V serials do not get- mature content. Unlike television games, the web series has taken a different path. Melodrama has become a 90-something. Content is what the viewer focuses on or wants. Content is not the main reason why the web series is so successful and in addition, they have made it a point to satisfy our thirst for a variety of topics and issues.

Like Live-in relationships, horror series, documentaries, stand-up comedies, gay love stories, sci-fi thrillers, crime thrillers, These web content creators are trying to bring us ideas that television will never try to touch. . Most of the content in the series or in their films is effective because the viewer is able to relate to the problems he or she is raising. These shows show our way of life and problems. Sometimes finding their way to the strange world of TV serials, honestly.

Monthly subscriptions to these web platforms are less than the number of movie tickets. So, for budget readers or adults who are very tired from a long day in the office, subscribing to a content platform is a better deal. Allow multiple users to view content from the same account. Also, they often produce original and unique content.

Advantages of Webseries over Tv shows

  • The Content is richer and made according to the wants of viewers.
  • Provide higher definition contents.
  • Covers multiple genres.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Provides Multi-platform support.
  • Less screen time than TVs.


In conclusion, It is the technology that helps in the rise of the web series. And the future of the web series is bright in India as the audience now appreciates the content beyond melodrama. Also, the addition of a few adult content also became possible due to web series. So, if you prefer the article please share it with your buddies. Also, do not forget to comment on any suggestions.

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