Indu (Hoichoi) Web Series Premiering on Hoichoi TV (OTT)

indu bengali web series

Indu is an Indian Bengali web series directed by Sayantan Ghosal and written by Sahana Dutta. It is scheduled to be published in October 2021 on the Bengali Entertainment OTT Platform Hoichoi. Its first teaser was recently launched on 26 September 2021. Its 1 minute 26-seconds trailer made many excited for the series to come.


  • Ishaa Saha
  • Chandran Mukhopadhyay Suhotra
  • Judhajit Sarkar
  • Manasi Sinha
  • Manali Manisha
  • Dey Payel
  • De Mimi Dutta
  • Sayantan Ghoshal
  • Sahana Dutta

Indu Bengali Web Series Story

So, This series is going to be a family thriller or a kind of detective series. It seems that Isha the lead character which Isha Saha is playing will be the detective. And this girl Isha is marrying in a mystery family to know the something or solve some case. The dialogues show that the family is not a normal family. Also, There everyone suspects each and every other one. While they suspect for what or why it is not clear in the trailer. It also seems that Manali Manisha is going to have a very strong character in the series. As we see Chandraniv Mukhopadhyay probably is going to be the husband of Isha in the story. So, there are some emotional scenes as well in the trailer.

The Writer Sahana Dutta also a cast in the series is going to have some big twists in the story. Also, we have to see whether there will be multiple seasons or not. Moreover, some dialogues having terms “sherlock homes” and mystery excites the audiences a lot.

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In conclusion, there are many strong good actors and actresses in the show. So, it will be a wait to see how the indu bengali web series becomes. Also, we would expect it to gain great popularity. This Hoichoi series should be a must-watch if you also love thrillers or detective movies. Follow for more such content and share it with all your friends and family members.

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