Laaptaa Ladies Review: This is the ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ of the new millennials

Laaptaa Ladies Review

Laaptaa Ladies Review: Many films have been made on women’s issues and patriarchy. Female directors in particular have debated the condition and direction of women through their films, but director Kiran Rao in her film ‘Laapta Ladies’ unravels layer by layer all the issues related to women like patriarchal thinking, gender inequality, education, dowry system, self-reliance, domestic violence, inferiority. The specialty of her film is that she not only brings forward the problems related to women, but also tries to provide solutions to them, and that too in a light-hearted manner.

The story of ‘Laapta Ladies’

The backdrop of the story is of a rural area about two decades ago, which is somewhere in the imaginary Nirmal Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh. Deepak (Sparsh Srivastava) has come to bring his newly wed Phool (Nitanshi Goyal) home. The wedding season is in full swing, so new brides are seen everywhere wearing red attire and veils. There is another wedding couple in the same train in which Deepak and Phool board. The twist in the story comes when Deepak comes home and finds out that his bride has changed. He has brought home someone else’s bride Pushpa (Pratibha Ranta) in the confusion of the long veil.

Phool somehow saves herself from going to the other groom’s house and stays at the station. Here Deepak is searching for Phool vigorously and he also goes to the police station and files a report with the inspector (Ravi Kishan), then Pushpa’s husband files a report against Pushpa for stealing jewelry and running away. During investigation, the police suspect Pushpa of being a part of some gang. Is Pushpa really involved in some crime? Is Deepak able to find his Phool? After finding out about the brides, are they able to go towards their destination? You will get the answer to all these questions after watching the film.

‘Laapta Ladies’ Movie Review

Kiran, who has directed a film like ‘Dhobi Ghat’, has raised many issues through her film, but she has not allowed the film to become preachy anywhere. The veil due to which the brides were exchanged, also attacks the patriarchal thinking in a way and at this point she sets the mood of the film. There are many female characters in the rural scenario and through each character she highlights an issue, like illiterate Phool is happy after getting married, but while living at the station she discovers her cooking skills and makes herself self-reliant. On the other hand, there is Pushpa, who wants to become something by studying further. Manju (Chhaya Kadam), who runs a tea stall at the station, has decided to live her life alone by rejecting domestic violence and her useless husband. The character of Deepak’s Bhabhi is of a woman who is spending her days waiting for her husband who has been living abroad for a long time by making a drawing of him.

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Kiran also makes a deep sarcasm on the fact that the ‘respectable girl’ of the society is the biggest fraud, because due to this tag she is never able to question. But the specialty of Kiran’s direction is that the film is not heavy with so many issues. It entertains a lot. Makes you laugh, makes you cry. The film emphasizes on women being self-reliant as well as on the idea of ​​fulfilling their dreams.

The writing of ‘Laapata Ladies’ is quite interesting. The story of Biplab Goswami, the screenplay of Sneha Desai and the dialogues of Divya Nidhi Sharma are witty. Casting is another strong point of the film, which has been done brilliantly by Romil Modi. Cinematographer Naulakha has done a commendable job. Talking about music, composer Ram Sampat has given music according to the subject.

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The strong acting side of the actors works as icing on the cake. Lead cast Nitanshi Goyal, Sparsh Srivastava and Pratibha Ranta have acted on the small screen, but these artists, who are making their debut on the big screen in this film, have portrayed their important characters beautifully. Nitanshi has maintained her innocence and naivety as Phool, while Pratibha looks great in her sharp and rebellious style. Sparsh has portrayed the character of Deepak, who is crazy in search of his wife, very strongly. Ravi Kishan’s special acting as the police inspector wins hearts. He maintains the dose of entertainment in the story.

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Cast: Ravi Kishan, Sparsh Srivastava, Nitanshi Goyal, Pratibha Ranta, Satendra Soni and Durgesh Kumar
Writers: Biplab Goswami, Sneha Desai and Divyanidhi Sharma
Director: Kiran Rao
Producers: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and Jyoti Deshpande
Release: 1 March 2024

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