Lootere Web Series Review: The series adds a new color to Hansal Mehta’s legacy, Vivek and Rajat take casts

Lootere Web Series Review

Lootere Web Series Review: Amidst the crowd of thrillers, another crime thriller came on OTT but with a slightly fresh story. Lootere released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Everyone waits for Hansal Mehta’s shows, after all, he has won everyone’s heart with the Scam series. Lootere is also his but this time he has become the show-runner of this show and the one who directed it is his son Jai Mehta. There was a lot of buzz about this series, let us tell you whether you should watch this series or not.


The story is based in Somalia where pirates have created a stir. A shipment of a big businessman is to come here but some robbers hijack the ship. There is a container here, if the contents inside it become known to the world, then the whole matter will get spoiled. This series starts with the politics of a port in a faraway country. Indian Vikrant Gandhi living there has to become the chairman of the committee running the port again, but the matter does not move forward according to his thought politics. In such a situation, if this container reaches the port, the matter can get worse. The help of pirates is taken to stop the ship carrying this container, but are those pirates able to stop it? In the midst of all this, what happens between the captain and the staff of the ship, this series shows all this. Hotstar did the same again, forget about half the series, this time only two episodes were released and the rest will come one by one every week.

How is the series

The story is interesting. In between, you will also remember Salman Khan’s film Bharat. As a director, Jai Mehta has tried his best to keep this series engaging. The pace of the first episode of the series is also fast and the plot is clear in the first episode itself, while the pace was kept very slow in the second episode. The way it has been shot and the setup has been prepared, it is clear that we have rarely seen such treatment in Hindi web shows. Good attention was also given to the casting of the series. Here the story was kept so strong that the makers did not consider it necessary to take very big faces, which may also work in their favor. Let’s see if this series slows down in the upcoming episodes or still remains as interesting.

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Among the actors, Rajat Kapoor is the most well-known in web series, who has done many strong roles before, all other faces will seem new to you. Rajat Kapoor has done a wonderful job here too. Vivek Gomber is the main character of the story. In the beginning, it takes some time to understand his character and his acting, but gradually you will start liking that character. The story ahead also rests on his actions. Many actors like Barkat, Vora, Sanyal, Khanvilkar also did a good job here. This series does not let you feel that there is no star here.

Direction and Production

As a director, Jai Mehta has also understood the story well and has also tried to show it well. Let’s see in the upcoming episodes whether he is able to pass completely in this role or not. The plot of the series.

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