Madgaon Express Review: This film will make you laugh till tears come to your eyes, Pratik Gandhi

Madgaon Express Review

Madgaon Express Review: Kunal Kemmu has made a mark as an actor, especially in comedy roles. So, when he decided to make his directorial debut with a comedy film titled Madgaon Express, everyone was quite excited about it. The trailer of Madgaon Express was good and the songs were also a hit. Now, the film has finally released on the big screens today. So, is the film worth your time and money? Well, the answer is ‘yes’!

Madgaon Express revolves around three friends, Ayush (Avinash Tiwary), Pinku (Pratik Gandhi) and Dodo (Divyendu). Their only dream since their school days was to go to Goa for a vacation. But, their Goa plans never came to fruition. After college, Ayush and Pinku move to different countries, and Dodo stays back in India. After several years, Ayush and Pinku plan to return to Mumbai and Dodo plans a trip to Goa with them.

They take the Madgaon Express to go to Goa and how this Goa vacation turns into a nightmare for them forms the rest of the story… The film is written and directed by Kunal Kemmu, and it is simply brilliant. Right from the first scene, Madgaon Express is a delight. The film is filled with so many funny scenes that you won’t feel bored for even a second. There are scenes that will make you laugh out loud and even make you roll on the floor laughing.

Usually in slapstick comedies, we get to see over the top and high-octane acting from the actors. However, in Madgaon Express, the writing is also very good. The dialogues are hilarious and there are some scenes and one-liners that will stay with you long after the film is over. Well, obviously, Kunal has done a great job as a first-time director, and now, we will definitely have a lot more expectations from him in the future.

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While the writing and direction in ‘Madgaon Express’ is amazing, Kunal has done a great job with the casting as well. Pratik Gandhi, who is known for his brilliant performance in Scam 1992, looks amazing in the film. Just keep an eye on his expressions in the film. Divyenndu has been a part of comedy films before, but with this film, he has gone a step ahead as he has done a great job. He has been given some really good scenes in the film and he has done it very well.

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Avinash Tiwari has also acted very well. Actually, this is quite different from his films, so it is a pleasant experience to watch him in a comedy film. Nora Fatehi looks gorgeous in the film and even though she has got less screen time than the boys, the actress leaves a mark and also shows her ability to do comedy.

Upendra Limaye and Chaaya Kadam are amazing. Whenever they come in the film, they make us laugh with their antics. Remo D’Souza is impressive in his cameo and Kunal Kemmu’s cameo is a delight. Well, Soha Ali Khan has proved that her voice can also do wonders in a film.

Talking about the music, Madgaon Express’ songs are entertaining. ‘Baby Bring It On’ is already a chartbuster. Overall, Madgaon Express is a must watch. After a very long time, we have seen a slapstick comedy that has made us laugh a lot. So, definitely watch it in your nearest theatre.

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