Mansion 24 Review: What is the truth behind Mansion 24, why does The Daughter touch your heart?

Mansion 24 Review

Mansion 24 Review: Here is a tough review of the films and web series released on OTT. This time these films and series are, the short film The Daughter released on Jio Cinema, the series Kala Paani streaming on Netflix, the series Mansion 24 released on Disney Plus Hotstar and season 3 of the series Permanent Roommates released on Amazon Prime Video.

The Daughter Review

Life is as absurd as it is beautiful. Due to everyday struggles, one fire is burning outside the mind and the other inside the mind. The story of the short film The Daughter, streaming on Jio Cinema, is about a daughter Indu (Ira Dubey) whose father (Naseeruddin Shah) is suffering from a painful disease. He wants euthanasia to get rid of this terrible pain. There is a curfew in the whole city. They do not have money. The younger sister gives him the gold bangles from her hand. Indu somehow arranges a van and goes to get the doctor. Indu’s relationship with her father was never normal. Before her father’s death, she wants to tell her father all those things inside the van in her imagination which she could never say. Even if it is in fantasy, the dialogues between an alcoholic, temperamental, irresponsible father and daughter are very interesting and poetic. She is swinging between love and hatred for her father. She wants to save him at all costs.

This is a thrilling suspense film. Its screenplay and direction is done by Soumyak Kanti Debiswas. The excellent plot, writing, treatment and direction deserve all the praise. This perfect film has so many layers at every level that if you sit down to discuss it, a serious debate can start. Soumyak has collected very beautiful metaphors. For example, the turmoil inside Indu’s mind is shown through the blazing sun. Soumyak conveys his message on the screen through very subtle images. In a way, the dialogues are almost non-existent. But in the visual medium, every frame of Samyak speaks. This is the biggest strength of a great filmmaker.


Amritha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) is an investigative journalist. Her father, Kalidas (Sathya Raj), is an archaeologist who goes missing after conducting an excavation. The archaeology and police departments believe that Kalidas has fled with some valuable artifacts. The media labels Kalidas a traitor, which affects the health condition of Kalidas’s wife (Tulasi). Amritha decides to unravel the mystery behind her father’s disappearance. She learns that Kalidas went to an old mansion before going missing. Everyone tells Amritha that whoever went to that mansion did not return and warns her not to go there. But Amritha takes a risk and goes to that mansion. What did she see there? What happened to her father? Did Amritha unravel the mystery? This is what the series is all about.

Plus Points:

This series is a compilation of some short stories. The stories by KGF fame Archana Jois and Nandu are interesting. The stories may not be new, but they are presented in an interesting way. Archana Jois, Nandu and Bindu Madhavi have performed well.

The most impressive thing about Mansion 24 is its excellent production design. Art director Ashok Kumar has done a great job and has created the right atmosphere for a horror series. The production design is further enhanced by the excellent visuals. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has done a great job in her character. Acting, Avika Gor and Rajiv Kanakala have done a good job in their limited roles.

Minus Points:

The first three subplots are not interesting and fail to create thrills. The storytelling is similar to Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai, but the stories ultimately lack substance. Avika Gor’s story is fine on paper, but the execution spoils the game here as things go on a flat note without any scary moment or scary scene.

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