New K-Drama OTT: Are you bored of watching old Korean dramas, looking for new ones? Then your search ends here

New K-Drama OTT

New K-Drama OTT: From Netflix to Prime Video, new Korean dramas have been released on many well-known OTT platforms. Their clips are also going viral on social media. This list includes ‘Queen of Tears’ to ‘Forest’. Know where you can watch them. Read the full report.

Korean dramas. There has been a tremendous craze for them in India for the last several years, not just today. If you are also fond of watching K-drama, but are bored of watching the old shows and are looking for new ones, then we have brought the best option for you. In this report, we are going to tell you about those new Korean dramas, which have been released recently and are in a lot of discussion. Also, know where you can watch them. Are these also available in Hindi language and can you watch them for free… Read the full report.

1. Queen of Drama

The married life of the queen of department stores and the prince of supermarkets is not happy. Both of them face many problems, but a miracle happens, seeing which you too will be filled with romance. Apart from English, you can also watch it in Korean, Hindi, Spanish, Thai and Japanese languages. To watch this show, you will have to take a subscription of Netflix.


At Jushin High School, law and order is controlled by the top 0.01% of students, but a secret transfer student breaks into their world. You can watch this show in many languages ​​including Tamil, Hindi, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish with a subscription.

3. Miss Night and Day

The story revolves around a woman who is struggling to get a good job. But the twist in the story is that she is one thing when she is awake and another thing at night. This show is available only in Korean language, you can watch it with English subtitles.

4. The Whirlwind

The series revolves around South Korea’s Prime Minister Park Dong Ho. He is determined to bring the corrupt president to justice but faces many troubles due to the president’s strong ties with influential families. This political drama is fantastic.

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5. Forest

Although this show is quite old, its clips are going viral on social media. In this clip, it can be seen that the boy is the owner of the mall, but the girl does not know this. She likes an expensive dress, but leaves it after seeing the price. Later the boy secretly calls the manager and puts that dress on sale. If you want to watch this show, you can watch it on Viki app.

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