Subharambha Bengali Web Series Review

Subharambha Bengali Web Series Review

In this blog, today we will be reviewing the Subharambha web series. The story focuses on Subhamita (Jasmine Roy), a struggling musician and composer who desperately wants music works. His father’s good reputation in the music industry gave him the opportunity to compose music for the famous Jewelry.

Because of his father’s marital relationship, his family, including his mother and brother, suffered greatly. He is accompanied by his young friend Shruti (Dibyasha Das) who also helps him with music.

One of her childhood friends is Mainak (Satyam Bhattacharya) who is nicknamed Mando very much in love with Subhamita but is afraid to expose her.

The character development of Subhamita & Mainak was not up to par with the story.


  • Jasmine Roy
  • Satyam Bhattacharya
  • Dibyasha Das


The web series “Subharambha” failed to create magic with Subhamita & Mainak relationships. There has been a lack of emotion, love, love in their love story that can keep you engaged.

The web series “Subharambha” was a musical drama rather than a romantic drama. We have previously seen “Tansener Tanpura 2” a web series based on the exciting musical concept of Hoichoi.

Kuntal De and Debanjan Dhar get high scores for amazing music formats and background effects.

Of those three main characters, only Jasmine Roy looked strong with her character Subhamita, though with a strong focus on the front pairs she could have been much better.

Satyam Bhattacharya, Dibyasha Das were both beautiful in a few squares.


In conclusion, Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect such a variation on the show, that is, at best, to enjoy working at a superficial level without getting into the complexity of the basic mindset. We see nothing in Subhomita’s inner music, only more tricks, like the use of the street sound of his song. It looks like a hip, but it’s just an empty movement. So, if you like the Subharambha web series Review share it with all your friends and families.

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