Top 10 Most Popular Releases On Netflix India in 2019

10 Popular Releases On Netflix India

Hi everyone, you will find here the most popular shows of Netflix India. Watch 10 Most Popular Releases On Netflix India in 2019. Those shows were highly got popularity in Indian online streaming platform. We will discuss Netflix’s 10 popular shows list here of the last year 2019. Let’s start below.

10 Most Popular Releases On Netflix India in 2019


Sacred Games is the most popular series of Netflix in the year 2019. I would never have expected this. It was never on the Netflix India front page, it’s not like social media was full of images, it has no celebrity star cast.


Another one of Netflix India’s most popular titles in this year 2019 was Kabir Singh.


Ayushman Khurana plays an upright police officer on a Crusade against caste-based crimes. Yes, you are listening to right Article 15 was in the third position.


This has got to be the hottest cast of Spice put together literally ever. I would just look in their eyes and let them cross any border. No problem.  Emraan Hashmi and Shobita dhullpala.


the next movie on our list is Drive. Now it’s time to have a little talk, guys. When this movie came then everybody was talking give us more mindhunter, more documentaries. And somehow it’s in the most popular list. Which means I guess someone watched it.


Next movie Badla featuring Taapsee Pannu and Amitabh Bachchan in the lead roles. But unlike pink, where Amitabh Bachchan plays a lawyer and Taapsee Pannu plays someone in a trial. The Great think about Badla is the sheer number of plot twists. If you look away for even one second you will be like that you are the victim.

the thing is, a few years back movies like this would have been labeled as an ‘art movie’ or a ‘festival movie’, but now this is a film that’s found it’s an audience, thankfully.

10 Popular Movies On Netflix India in the year 2019


The next title on our list is house arrest. House arrest is about a man in the prime of his youth,  with a great job, Great House who decides he never needs to leave his home again. He is basically a guy who has a Netflix subscription. The film stars Ali Fazal and Shriya Pilgaonkar as Guddu to bhaiya and the wrong platform, never mind.


The Opening 20 minutes of the film contains some of the most intense action I have seen on TV this year. Ine 6 underground, Raya Reynolds plays a man who takes his own death to start a vigilante gang that goes after people who the government or police won’t go after. Why did not there just call it DeadCool?


Delhi Crime is another one of Netflix India’s most popular shows of this year. The drama was brilliant, it was uncompromising, at an event that kind of defined the early part of this decade in India. Also, show Shefali Shah was outstanding on the show. As was Rasika Dugal, and Adil Hussain. It is so refreshing to finally see shows where every single role is played by a kickass actor.


The last of the list is a chopstick movie about a girl who loses her car, so she gets the help of a conman to get it back form a gangster with a prized goat. The movie is honestly mad.

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This was the most likable movie list of Netflix India in the year 2019. Hope you liked this article. And 2020 is full of hope and promise and perfect vision, so please keep watching and reading for hours of hours and suddenly it’s days.

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