Tujhpe Main Fida Review: Tujhpe Main Fida movie has been released on Amazon Prime.

Tujhpe Main Fida Review

Tujhpe Main Fida Review: Tujhpe Main Fida movie has been released on Amazon Prime. Let’s talk about this show, whether you should watch this show or not, whether you can give your precious time to this show or not, let’s know.

The story of this film is shown inside a small town. The show shows the story of two couples named Marcus and Ira. Both of them get separated from each other due to some reason, but then Marcus enters the town. Now what happens between these two couples, to know all these things, you have to watch this series. This series has a total of 15 episodes. If we talk about their average length, then it is twenty to thirty-five minutes. You can watch this show for free on Mini TV.

If we review this show in one line then this is a decent series, neither very good nor very bad. By watching the trailer you cannot imagine that this show will have so much life but when you watch this show then you come to know that something other than Nibba Nibbi drama has been presented in the show. Along with romance in the film, you also get to see a different kind of murder mystery. That murder mystery keeps you engaged with the film. This is the reason why you will enjoy this show and will also feel it very seriously.

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If we talk about the star cast of the film, it is also very good. If we talk about the cinematography of the show, it is very good, the way a town has been shown, it feels good to see it. If we talk about the music of the show, it is very good. The BGM of the show was good and along with that the songs shown in the show are also very good.

The show has been dragged a little too long which reminds us of some Korean shows. While watching many scenes in the film, you will feel as if you have seen this before in some Korean drama. The ending of the show is not done properly, the show ends without any reason which does not look good.

Do not watch this show with your family. From our side, this show gets five stars out of ten.

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