Yodha Movie Review: Siddharth Malhotra became the ‘warrior’ of the box office

Yodha Movie Review

Yodha Review: Karan Johar has given opportunities to many new talents as a producer. Since the recognizable faces among them are from film families, people are more attracted towards them. This time Karan has brought two such new promising actors in the film ‘Yodha’ who have not received much attention till now. But, after this film, both of them seem to be successful in making their name among the capable directors of Hindi cinema as well as the new choice directors. Karan Johar has given a big opportunity to Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, who have been honing their skills under the tutelage of new age directors like Aditya Dhar and Siddharth Anand, by entrusting them with the responsibility of directing the film ‘Yodha’ and both have proved in their first film itself that if the producer is with them, they too have the ability to make films like ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawaan’.

A film far beyond expectations

To be honest, the marketing team of the film has not done anything to generate interest in watching the film ‘Yodha’ till the day of its release. Even after taking Siddharth Malhotra to different cities across the country, the hype of this film has not been built in the right direction. The film ‘Yodha’ is the first accurate suspense, action thriller of this year. The film which starts with zero percent expectations, scores 80 out of 100 by the time it reaches its conclusion, the biggest credit for this goes to both the directors of the film. The script of the film is so tight and layered that the audience is constantly entangled in solving its puzzles. Siddharth Malhotra’s acting ability has had its limitations, but this time he has also tried to go beyond them. The biggest strong point of the film is the good roles given to its three main actresses.

Three goddesses and one hero

There are three women in the story of the film ‘Yodha’. One holds a senior position in the Government of India. The second is an air hostess and the third is a pilot. At the center of all three stories is a warrior. Warrior means a team of brave fighters of the Navy, Army and Air Force who can attack the enemy under any circumstances and destroy his intentions. Their leader has inherited bravery from his father. He fondles his father’s name at the martyr’s memorial. He calls his wife Mrs. Katyal and recognizes the parts of an airplane as if he has studied aeronautical engineering in college. The story moves forward like a frog in its timeline and after reaching the main point, it traps the audience in such a way that the audience has no other option but to land with the story at the climax.

Two new directors, both strong directors

How much faith the makers of Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha’s film ‘Yodha’ must have had, will be known in the interviews coming after the release, but why this film, which was first scheduled to release on 7 July and then on 8 December last year, has now been released on 15 March, there is a story of Hindi cinema hidden in this entire timeline. Last year, Hindi cinema has embraced the series of action stories revolving like jalebi soaked in the syrup of patriotism with films like ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’, ‘Gadar 2’, and its new love is the film ‘Yodha’. The film does not have a hero like Shahrukh Khan or Sunny Deol, but after the release of this film, Siddharth Malhotra is no less than them. The new generation of audience has now found an action hero of their age. Where Tiger and Kartik missed, Siddharth has made his name.

Characters in the story and story in the characters

The three actors of this film, Raashi Khanna, Disha Patani and Sunny Hinduja, have done a good job in keeping the mystery and thrill of this film, which re-establishes Siddharth Malhotra on the big screen, intact till the end. Sagar Ambre has divided two groups within the house by showing Raashi Khanna working in the secretariat of the Government of India from the very beginning. This internal conflict also gives an undercurrent to the film. Disha Patani’s job is usually to look beautiful in a film, but when she is seen in a sari for the first time in the film, the matter seems to be somewhat interesting. And, as Disha’s character moves towards its real direction, the matter also becomes interesting. Both have played their respective characters very seriously and without overacting. Sunny Hinduja, in the role of terrorist Jalal sitting on the other side of the border, has got this important role of the main villain in a Hindi film. Sunny’s credibility in cinema has increased with the recently released web series ‘Aspirants’ and ‘The Railway Man’. The role of ‘Yodha’ seems to be successful in giving him a new identity.

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Karan Johar has assembled the best team

Karan Johar has assembled the best team for this film. Jishnu Bhattacharya’s cinematography and Shivkumar Panicker’s editing have kept the pace of the film ‘Yodha’ connected with its story right from the first scene. The result of their tuning with Sagar and Pushkar is that where the film has to look beautiful, it captivates the audience and where it is a matter of sitting on the edge of the seat, this quartet together brings the audience’s heart to the mouth. There are so many lyricists and composers in the film that it is not known who has written which song and who has composed it. These days, even if we ask for the details of the credits, the production house rarely provides them. Yes, there is a good patriotic song in the film. If the romantic song was also lively, it would have been something else. If you have been wanting to watch an action, suspense thriller for a long time, then the film ‘Yodha’ can be your best choice this weekend. Some dialogues of the film will even force you to clap. I am not writing it here, because the fun of watching and hearing it for the first time on screen will be lost.

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