Ullu's Top 10 Charmsukh Webseries Rewind...

Charmsukh  (Impotent)

Ajay is an impotent, and in order to save his public image, he comes up with a master plan...

Charmsukh  (Train)

Juhi was on a train journey with her mother when she met Nilesh, a stranger who ignited an unknown, desperate urge in her.

Charmsukh  ( Tuition Teacher )

Concerned about his son Shreyas's studies, Atharva hires a tuition teacher. Slowly Shreyas and the teacher build up a bond and he falls for her.

Charmsukh  (Aate Ki Chakki)

When the love-starved daughters-in-law of the house face tribulations using the manually operated atte ki chakki, their father-in-law gifts them an electric flour mill.

Charmsukh  (Meri Padosan)

Some fantasies are dreams but for one guy his dreams became his fantasies. He was able to explore all his dark desires with any woman he wished to but only in his dreams, untill the new hot neighbour left him spellbound.

Charmsukh  (Chawl House)

( An ordinary Chawl house in the bustling town of Mumbai had an enthralling spectacle. As the family slept in a make-shift partition the young guest's ears were filled with the moans of the young married woman. )

Charmsukh  (Jane Anjane Mein)

Chandani’s avid life ends as soon as she returns back to her husband... When desperate cravings for having seductive pleasures trigger her awfully, she now decides to go and meet her father-in-law at any cost.

Charmsukh  (Sauda)

A helpless father is forced to surrender his daughters to a man in return of a hefty loan. Life was all happy in the beginning until one day the man began to show his true colors and soon everything went out of control for both the sisters.

Charmsukh  (Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat)

Young Archana has a dream to marry a prince charming and have a very exciting first night. She got lucky and marries with the one, but the first night turns into the worst dream of her life leaving her in chaos.