#10 Innocent

Innocent brings a perfect conclusion to our list of best Ullu Web Series to watch in October 2023.

#9  Julie

can Julie escape the clutches of this immoral and sinister pursuit and emerge unscathed?

#8  Size Matters 2

Aarohi attempts various unconventional methods, inadvertently attracting even more significant challenges...

#7  Taxi

A chance encounter between a girl and a guy at a bar leads to an unforeseen turn of events.

#6  Melting Cheese

This is a story of surprising unfolding, as Neena, a wife, forms an unexpected friendship with Meena...

#5 Wife in a Metro

revealing the story of a lonely heart. Wife in a Metro is an intriguing Ullu Web Series to watch online in October 2023.

#4 Woodpecker

all striving for the lifestyle and opulence they desired. Woodpecker is one of the hottest Ullu Web Series to watch...

#3 Riti Riwaj- Mann Marzi

 choose a partner of their liking to satisfy their intimate desires in times when their husbands are unavailable.

#2 Panchali

Anupriya Goenka starrer Ullu Web Series is among the best shows to watch in October 2023.

#1 Palang Tod

Noor Malabika and Mahi Kaur have featured in this highly popular Ullu Web Series available to stream in October 2023.