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Barbecue Showdown


Season 1 is out now


The best backyard smokers and pitmasters vie to be crowned the next barbecue champion in this fierce but friendly cooking competition.













Barbecue Showdown Web Series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. Barbecue Showdown Web Series release date 4 July 2024. See more Netflix original Web Series Receiver Web Series and Eva Lasting Web Series updates here on Netseries.


About Barbecue Showdown

Barbecue Showdown is an Indian popular web series in
English Language
created by Netflix,
and now streaming on its OTT Platform Netflix.
and its a Exciting show.
This series is now on Season 1 with free, paid episodes to watch.

Series Star Casts

All star casts, crews, and director of Barbecue Showdown listed here. you can also find other web series list of each cats, crews, director by visiting them...





Participants: Among the competitors are Tina Cannon, the World Food Championships’ current BBQ champion, and John Caddell, who began cooking at the age of five and picked up BBQ skills from his cousin.

Barbecue Showdown Web Series Release Date

Web Series release date 4 July 2024.

Barbecue Showdown Reviews

They are not Noel and Sandy, nor are they Padma Lakshmi. I could put up with them if they had half of the charm, charisma, or style that these people have on Top Chef or The Great British Baking Show. They don’t enhance this show in any way and are just talking heads. This show may get a genuine following if the hosts were not present.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Series will be released on the original official website in Hindi language on Netflix.
Web Series release date 4 July 2024. with all new episodes.
You can watch this series on its original OTT platform on Netflix.
Yes, you can watch this series with your friends and family for entertainmnet.
Its a PAID web series to watch.