Bekaaboo 2 Web Series
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Bekaaboo 2


Kiyan is back and this time he’ll not stop till his thirst for R-E-V-E-N-G-E is fulfilled. All he cares about now is seeing Anaysha and Kashti taken down! #Bekaaboo​ Season 2, a psycho-thriller, streaming soon on #ALTBalaji













Bekaaboo 2 Web Series by ALTBalaji Originals. Bekaaboo is back with a brand new steaming-hot season. This time around, Bekaaboo Season 2 is a story of a bestselling author, Anaysha who has recently gained popularity for her book.

As her literary piece rises to fame, her attitude towards life and some of her personal relationships start changing. The show, Bekaaboo Season 2 web series is a twisted tale of fame, hate, revenge, and murder.

So, what happens to Anaysha? Does she kill someone? Who is the closest person in her life?

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