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It would be a disaster if the video footage of fake baby food leaks out in public. Inspector Laha arranges a game plan. What happens next? Will Anirban be able to expose Iqbal and Laha? How did the Bhagar kaand happen? What was its history? All these unknown stories will emerge in this intriguing canvas as the narrative flows in “#BHAGAR”.













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It was 2018, when Bengal was shaken by the infamous “Bhagar” scandal. A significant victim of this unfortunate turn of events was Paresh who lives in Nonadanga. In an unforeseen situation, he lost his only child who consumed his favorite dish Biriyani. Unaware that it was made with rotten cat meat. Thereafter Pushpa (his wife) finds Paresh to be an intolerable mindless, spineless, coward, and low life man.
On the other end, Paresh suffers from a great lack of masculinity. Quite despicably, he doesn’t even hesitate to share his only wife with the neighborhood ruffian Kana Bapi.
Eventually, Paresh choses to end his life in remorse. However, at the end of the day Paresh is a coward.
As a result, all his attempts and thoughts of suicide fail repeatedly.
One fine day, a newspaper article caught his eye. Where he read – A person chose a painless death in exchange of 50000 rupees by hiring a supari contract killer, which apparently was the easiest and straightest path to death. Thereafter Paresh gets obsessed in his search for a supari killer.

On the other hand, a YouTuber Anirban finds the whereabouts of a fake baby food factory while making a video for his own channel. The factory owner is a certain Iqbal Shaheria. Much to his shock Anirban realizes that this character is Idris Ali the most notorious anti-social who was involved in the meat scam and is now a supari contract killer. And, that his fake baby food business runs surrogate. Paresh gives his own Death Supari contract to this man. At a consideration for just 50 thousand rupees.
Just before Paresh decides to eat his last supper at a foot path hotel, Iqbal’s goons shoot at Paresh. Unfortunately, by a sheer coincidence the fired bullet hits another person sitting right next to Paresh. He witnesses the man’s death right in front of his eyes.
It was at this moment when gross realization dawns on Paresh.
He also realizes how painful death can be! And decides to live… not terminate his life. What will happen next?
On another axis of the narrative, Inspector Laha enters the field to deal with Anirban.

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