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Chahat Web Series


एक लड़की बचपन से ही अपने पिता के दोस्त के लिए रोमांटिक भावनाएं रखती है और अपने पिता के माध्यम से उससे जुड़ने का प्रयास करती है। इस बीच, दोस्त को भी लड़की से प्यार हो जाता है और वे इस रिश्ते को गुप्त रूप से निभाने का एक तरीका ढूंढते हैं।













Chahat Web Series free episodes, cast, crew, and series download watching guide here. Chahat Web Series release date 28th November 2023 at ULLU. See more series Jane Anjane Mein 4 and Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar here.

Chahat Web Series Story Updates

In Chahat Ullu Web Series, viewers will get to see drama and you know very well that every web series of Ullu is filled with romance, so the viewers will get to see romance in this web series. won’t feel any shortage

Now let’s talk about the story of Chahat Ullu Web Series, according to the trailer, a middle-aged young man whose name is Dev and around 50 years of age is seen scolding the maid. After this, in the second scene, a friend of that young man He comes with his wife (Riya), after having tea and breakfast, he tells his friend (Dev) that I am going out somewhere for a few days, so I am leaving my wife with you, then his friend says that You go without any worries and concentrate completely on your work.

After this, in the next scene Riya (friend’s wife) is seen lost in thoughts, she is looking at Dev’s thoughts, it seems that she loves Dev and will cheat on her husband.

In the next scene, she takes milk to Dev’s room and tells Dev that as long as I am here, every single day of yours will be memorable. After this, both of them are seen romancing and the maid is watching all this, perhaps now she There is going to be a twist in the story later.

In the next scene, Dev is sleeping and suddenly he hears a girl moaning. He goes and sees that Riya (friend’s wife) is romancing with a young man.

This much has been shown in the trailer of Chahat Ullu Web Series. To know its further story, you will have to watch this web series completely on Ullu App.

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