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When an unlikely group of misfits discovers a common enemy in the same ruthless yet superstitious politician, they plot a heist to exact revenge.













Choona web series cast, crew, and free episodes watching guide here. Choona web series release date 25th July 2023. See more Netflix web series¬†Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein and Parasyte: The Grey Series here. Get the latest updates from Netflix India’s popular original shows where to watch guide here on Netseries.

Storyline: At one end of the story is Avinash Shukla, a powerful leader from Uttar Pradesh. He himself is a minister in the state government and now he is dreaming of bringing down the government and becoming the Chief Minister himself. There is deep belief and faith in astrology. Before taking any step on Earth, one watches the movement of planets in space.

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