College Romance 2 Web Series
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College Romance S2


Friendship = College and College = unforgettable memories! Our beloved wolf pack is back, this time with twice the drama and fun! When they all meet after a long break













College Romance 2 Web Series on SonyLIV. Trippy is seen trying to move on from Raveena after she breaks up with him. Naira feels skeptical about getting into a long-distance relationship with Bagga.

Karan realizes that he’s giving himself something very less than what he actually deserves by being with Deepika.

As they go through an extremely rough patch in their lives, we eventually see all of them coming much closer after making things right for themselves and each other. SonyLIV has more original Web Series like your honor.

This series has Five Episodes until now on Sonyliv:

  • Penguins
  • Double Trouble
  • Growing Up
  • Sub-group
  • Long Distance Friendship

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