Dark 7 White
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Dark 7 White


Jab friends hi suspects ho, toh a murder mystery becomes even more sensational! This story of trust, lust, power & politics has a lot of dark secrets. One of the suspects holds the key to the mystery – Who the f*ck killed Yudi? #Dark7White​, streaming 24th Nov on #ALTBalaji​













Dark 7 White Web Serie is a political thriller with a murder angle to it, “Who killed Yudi?” With its quirky narration and dark humour, the show will delve into the life of a young politician.

Yudi and seven friends with high-profile jobs. While Dark 7 White web series gives you a peek into his political career and the gripping story about those friends. The real drama arises when Yudi is mysteriously killed in a car mishap. Was it really an accident or a well-planned murder? Do the friends have anything to do with it? To unravel the suspense behind Yudi’s death,

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