Dark 7 White Web Series
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Dark 7 White


Yudhveer Singh is about to become the youngest CM. However, when he is killed before his oath-taking ceremony, the investigation leads to his college friends and the dark secret they have been hiding.













Dark 7 White Web Series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. Dark 7 White Web Series release date 24 November 2020. See more ZEE5 original Web Series Never Kiss Your Best Friend Web Series and Abhay 2 Web Series updates here on Netseries.

Storyline: Yudhveer Singh i.e. UD (Sumit Vyas), the son of a royal family of Rajasthan, is going to take oath for the post of CM. UD’s best friends are Greshma (Tania Kalra), her husband Shashank, Neelu (Monica Choudhary), Dhawal (Rachit Bahl), Kush (Kunj Anand) and fiancee Daisy (Nidhi Singh), who support UD from winning college elections to becoming the CM. Supported till. UD is very proud of his royal and royal status but this pride is shattered when ACP Abhimanyu (Jatin Sarna) slaps UD. After this, UD becomes obsessed with occupying the highest seat i.e. the post of CM. Watch more ZEE5 web series updates.

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