Games of Karma Kabristan Web Series free episodes
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Games of Karma Kabristan


Leprosy has left Farooq lonesome in life. Burying dead bodies in the cemetery becomes his work and liking. In the night the corpses fulfill his insatiable desires. Once he is caught by a young outsider in the act but Farooq is lucky to put the blame on him before the villagers, for which the villagers stone the innocent youngster to death. Farooq being oblivious to his death is unware that it is going to have a profound effect on his life.



Pratima Kannan,

Sujail Khan,

Shakil Warsi,

Vicky Singh,

Laxman Sign,

Jayesh Kosambia,

Kapil Batra,

Harjeet Walia,

Rohit Watta,











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