Hello Mini 2 Web Series
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Hello Mini 2


This time the dare is to stay alive. Kya Mini kar paayegi stranger ke iss game ko survive? #HelloMini2​, releases 26 February.













Hello Mini 2 Web Series cast by MX Originals. The voiceless, nameless, and faceless ‘Stranger’ has returned to haunt Mini again and this time, the dare is to stay alive. She must follow the Stranger’s order and enlist herself to play the dangerous game of Dare Defy on the dark web or face dire consequences.

As things begin to unfold and rapidly spiral out of control for Mini, she becomes a key suspect in a murder investigation because of her participation in this illegal game. Will Mini be able to beat Stranger and his game? Or will this game be the end of her in Hello Mini 2 Web Series?

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