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Motherhood ki iss arena mein koi safe zone nahi hai, its an all-out war between 6 #Supermoms​!
Har parent ki apni-apni strategy hai, sabka apna-apna game, with only one aim – to be the best of the best!













Mentalhood Web Series Being A Parent Is Tough! ‪Especially if your child studies at the GI International School where it’s a mom eat mom world to be the best MOM.

Story: Armed with their own unique shade of motherhood. These 6 supermoms will leave no stone unturned as they fight their way through this Mentalhood. Where they will not only have to deal with society. Their children and their family, but also compete with other moms!

In this battle of moms, which supermom will win the race of motherhood?

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