Mission Over Mars Web Series
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Mission Over Mars


The journey was tough. But so were these ISA scientists. Desh ki best scientists ne ki taiyyari India ke sabse oonchi udaan ki, and gave flight to more than a billion dreams.













Mission Over Mars Web Series by ALTBalaji. Story Based on true events Mission Over Mars presents an inspiring narrative of India’s incredible mission to Mars.

The story revolves around four women scientists experience as they battle out extreme time pressure.

Poor peer support with their relentless efforts to complete a mission, that left the rest and the best of the world in awe of their work. Watch Mission Over Mars to know the complete journey of India ki sabse oonchi udaan on ALT!

Mission Over Mars Web Series info

Series Details: The series is an intriguing tale of 4 women scientists who through their brilliance and dedication chart the journey of Indian Space Agency’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

Mission Over Mars begins with a disappointing moment as ISRO’s namesake ISA fails in its Chandravimaan mission and therefore the entire blame falls on the shoulders of Mona Singh. It touches a nerve given Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram Lander losing control after it landed on the moon’s South Pole.

Mona shines through as she plays a hot-headed scientist, forced to figure together with her ex-husband, a fellow scientist at an equivalent space centre.

Clad in crisp cotton saris, Mona is devoted to her dream but forgets to recollect her only daughter’s birthday. Sakshi Tanwar relaxed and quiet mission coordinator who may be a helicopter mom to her 18 years son.

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