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Mon2 Pilot (মন্টু পাইলট)


Just like a fairytale. A thrilling love story of a prostitute and a pimp. Can anyone else do it? Only one man in Neelkuthi had the guts to do it. Montu Ended up here on my way to the crematorium,Taufik was right once you’re under the spell of Neelkuthi. you can never be free. Where are they now, Montu? Where’s your child? Why is the tree glowing, Dad? They’re “jonaki” or fireflies. Montu demands justice.













Mon2 Pilot Web Series cast, crew, episodes watching guide. Mon2 Pilot Bengali web series release date 29th April 2022. See Srikanto Web Series and Maradonar Juto Web Series here.

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