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Mumbai Diaries web series cast, crew, and episodes update. Watch ‘Mumbai Diaries‘ watching guide free on Amazon Originals. The Series story is all about the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Release Date – September 9, 2021, only on Amazon Prime Video

This is Bombay General Hospital. It could be anything from a high fever to a gunshot. Talk less, work more! Are you guys waiting for me?-Yes, sir! -We’re new.

Residents! Let’s get to work. Our sources tell us that this could be a terrorist attack. Palace Hotel is under attack as well. Any news about Ananya? Everyone, stay calm. Mom, please leave! Police are chasing the terrorist now. Put me on air. Take me to live. We can’t manage with limited stock. Where the hell is everybody? This is my first day. I can’t do it. You know what to do. You’re way better than you think you are.

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Focus. Come on, guys! Move it! I won’t let you treat him! Just do what you’re told to do. I’m sorry. All units come in! My mother and your wife could be dead right now. How are you feeling after saving the man who murdered her?
We’re doctors. We care about the human body. Judging the human character is not our job! I’m about to break the story of the night! Everybody down! down! Fear is a strange thing. You can either succumb to it. Come home to me. Either harness it to build courage Are you getting me?

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