November Story Web Series
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November Story


A celebrated crime novelist suffering from Alzheimer’s is found at a murder scene with no memory of what happened. Now, it is up to his daughter to save him.



G. M. Kumar,








,Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada





November Story Web Series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. November Story Web Series release date May 20, 2021. See more Disney+ Hotstar original Web Series Commando Web Series and Dayaa Web Series updates here on Netseries.

Storyline: Web series ‘November Story’ is a web series made in Tamil. It has been released dubbed in Hindi. The eyes of the Hindi cinema audience have been fixed on Tamanna Bhatia since the beginning, but this actress, who remained merely ‘entertainment’ in her own films, rarely mustered the courage to accept the strong challenges of her characters. Now that she is mustering the courage to do so, she is not finding directors who can present her limited acting abilities seriously.

There are so many twists and turns in this story of a daughter trying to save her writer father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s that the viewer is left holding his head. When it has become clear that Anuradha cannot sell her ancestral house without the consent of her father Ganesan, then why is she searching for a buyer? For timepass? Or that if a police team has to set a deadline to solve a case, then it will work hard by going to the place where the chances of finding evidence or the culprit are higher, and not lock itself in a room. The police rarely have to break a writer’s block! Watch more Disney+ Hotstar special web series.

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