Sweet Kaaram Coffee Web Series
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Sweet Kaaram Coffee


Created by Reshma Ghatala, Sweet Kaaram Coffee is a slice of life series. Three women of different generations living in the same house attempt to put themselves before the people they are bound by for the first time. What follows is a journey of fun, fumbling and finding self.
















Sweet Kaaram Coffee Web Series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. Sweet Kaaram Coffee Web Series release date 6th July, 2023. See more Prime Video original Web Series Tandav Web Series and Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadhaa Web Series updates here on Netseries.

Storyline: Speaking about the series, Aparna Purohit, Head of Content, Prime Video India, said, “At Prime Video, we deeply recognize the value of every story, especially stories that have not been exposed to audiences before. We have always respected women writers, women artists and stories presented by women. ‘Sweet Caram Coffee’ is a series that the entire family can sit together and watch. This is the first series of its kind that we are presenting to the audience. Are bringing.

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